How long did first wish list item take?

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  1. According to my SA, leather items do not count toward the quota. I would stay in Ready To Wear items, Home-office items, scarves, tie, etc. When the quota reaches, then your dream bag will appear. So depending on how fast or how deep your pocket, your dream bag will come sooner or later.
    It took me three months to get my Noir B25. (After I read some articles similar to this here and there. At the beginner, I had no clue where or what, to begin with, to get my wish list rolling.)
    I would come to the store just to look around, talk to my SA and ask for his opinions what to buy and is it worthy or fit to my lifestyle?
    Good luck, and for now just enjoy looking at beautiful things that have a lot of deep meaning in store.
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  2. So it might be there are no rules. My SA when hearing I was buying a wallet that day suddenly changed his “ I’m thinking about your wish list” into first going to the back to check on my wish list again (note I didn’t even mention it) and then showed me additional colours I could be interested. Not saying that would get me the bag but his behaviour was certainly interesting. He never suggested looking at RTW or anything else.
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  3. I can’t speak for all stores. But at my store there are items that count more to get your B and K’s. Especially if you want highly coveted specs. If you are looking to get a B35 for example it is not as difficult and the spend is much less than if you wanted a B25. So at my store you don’t have to have a high spend across all departments for a b35. But for a b25, generally, you will have to spend a certain amount across all the departments (mostly home goods, fine jewelry, RTW or shoes) .. unless you are already an estabilished regular customer - in which case you already have a healthy spending history. This is just my experience, and others may have different experiences with their store/SA. But I think the general rule is if you want to expedite the appearance of a B or K.. spending in those departments gets you there faster.

    Check out this thread. Tons of information on here about this topic!
  4. So each store has “goals” for what they should sell. A higher ticket item (like a wallet) goes towards the store goals. But the SA gets no commission on leather goods. But it does help the store reach its goals. When this happens I think there is a group commission. So there is some incentive for SA to sell these items.

    If you look at this thread you will get a lot of useful information and personal experiences of many members here. Hope that helps!
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  5. What is the pre spend? Does anyone know?
  6. Every store is different and every SA is different. It also depends on what bag you want. If your wishlist bag is highly sought after you will have to spend more. If it’s not, likely you won’t have to spend as much. For example I have heard south coast plaza has a pre-spend of 1:1 ...
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  7. Just to clarify, have you declared one of the stores your Home Store yet? To my understanding, most SAs and SMs do not like it if you buy from multiple stores unless its a 1 off item that sells out fast. You might have even a harder time getting your offer approved.

    For example, I do travel quite a bit, so I occasionally pick up Rodeos, twillies, or a scarf there. My SAs understand that some pieces are hard to come buy so I get a pass on them. I do not buy larger items like Fine Jewelry, SLGs, Bags from other stores.
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  8. I sort of did now - the hard part is that they don’t ask, they don’t suggest anything.
  9. At my Home Store, you would need to prove your loyalty to them first and then they will start being more engaging, but my store caters to Local clientele rather than tourists. I don't know what area you are based out of, but it seems that loyalty to one store and an SA will go a long way.
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  10. A reminder that we have this thread:

    and this thread:

    as well as many others about how to secure a B (or a K or C or whatever's in fashion).

    OP has asked the direct question = How long did your first wish-list item take?
    Your wish-list item could have been an Anemone Rodeo, a clic clic in white or croc dressage saddle.

    If we end up with 'the usual' debate how to secure a B or K this thread will be closed.
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  11. My story is more complicated - was already offered in that particular store a Kelly after purchasing only a CDC. Now I’m buying only there.
  12. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I did a search and didn't find any thread that corresponded to this question.

    I'm interested in people's personal experiences--how long did it take for you to get your first B/K/C or other desired H bag? Everyone seems to have a different experience, especially depending on which country and state and even store. Did you feel like you spent a lot of money before you got your quota bag? Was it easier to get other bags after the first one? Did you go reseller route? What did it mean to you once you finally got it? I know it's just a bag at the end of the day, but face it, if it's just a bag we wouldn't be devoting that much time and money to it.

    I'm finding this world fascinating and it's quite fun to learn and chat here and discover what I really like from H. I'm pretty satisfied with everything I have, I have fun with my SA (I realize I'm lucky to have found an SA I enjoy chatting with). She knows I would like a B/K (C in the future, I have a 2002 bag which is very similar so I'm not in a rush for a C) and she's great at showing me the H leathers and sizes (B30 is right for me, 35 is too big for me and 25 is too small).

    Based on my spending and loyalty to my home store, I'm estimating 6 months, which is perfect since I can save up money for it. I'm having fun and it's not like I need the bags for work, it's just something I would like to carry outside work (in my industry, it's frowned upon to have flash designer bags...not that H is flashy). I was considering reseller route, but I've already spent a fair amount at my home store so I'll bide my time. I don't buy anything I don't love--everything I've bought from H is all stuff I love. I have too much stuff from other brands I've bought on impulse or it was trendy but wasn't really me.
  13. It was like one month for me (a phone call the next day after my second visit with the SA that I decided to start working with). It was a C because I wasn’t looking for B/K at that time. I actually didn’t end up getting that C as I was on a flight and totally missed all the calls. The first one I took was a K that’s like another month later (so total of two).

    I too suspect that you are going to get very different responses, highly dependent on one’s location, SA, store, habits and so on...

    I do remember a thread from a little while ago where some people were talking about that maybe it’s become easier recently (can’t recall the thread name off the top of my head, but maybe something like “is it not too hard to get a Birkin any more”)
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  14. You're right, it seems to be just all over the place. My SA seems pretty forthright and she said there's no rhyme or reason to the offer (but she did say the SM has final say)--all consistent with what I read on this forum.
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  15. My first H bag was a Kelly. It was on display in the store, and I grabbed it. Same with my first Birkin. No amount of planning can substitute for pure luck.