How long did first wish list item take?

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  1. i am new to the world of H and just put in my wish list item (a K28 in a neutral colour textured leather but open to different leathers). I am curious how long the wait will be. I am expecting about two years but wondering what your experience has been in terms of length.
  2. It really depends on the color that you want. Both my mom and I have “not everyone’s favorite” HGs so we got it as first and second bag. She wanted an epsom bag so she got a Bleu electrique b30 as first bag. I got a b35 in vert cypress afterward. B35 is not a sought after size and I can’t say vert cypress is a color that people constantly ask for either lol. My friend has been waiting a while for a noir B.
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  3. I want black so I am assuming it’s a long wait!
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  4. I was told that you can wait a long time for it but I’ve also heard that it may come sooner.
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  5. There are no rules regarding time. Actually there are no rules regarding anything in H altogether.
  6. I put a wish for K32 sellier in bleu nuit or blue encre or blue electric in March, however after I made a small leather purchase recently, the SA showed me more colours to choose from (I didn’t ask). Not sure what that meant and guess I still have to spend with them but knowing deliveries are not massive where I shop, it might be just luck if the colour turns up and no rich person desired it lol. So still waiting and was told to be patient lol
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  7. A black bag is not that hard to come by if you want regular leather so it can be months or a couple of years depending on how good a client you are.
    My dream bag for years was a black box Birkin and after 15 years I have now bought that on the reseller market since I never were able to buy that in the boutique.
    My second dream is a veau barenia Birkin and I’m not expecting that any time soon since my store never receives barenia birkins.
    Have in the mean time been able to assemble quite a collection of other lovely bags both regular and SO’s but these two bags are my dream bags and very hard to find due to that the leather is not standard leathers
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  8. Depends on the boutique and the relationship with the SA. If you come in and request a B/K right away then you will most certainly wait long time. If you also purchase other items, time gets shorter. You get the idea...
    Also, I waited a LONG time for black. My particular boutique has received a few black epsom B30 over the past year or so but none in togo. I wanted togo. While I was offered other quota bags each semester ... I think I still waited over a year for black togo B30. Soooooo it depends.... but some boutiques get large shipments and have black more readily available... especially if you're not as particular as I am about size, leather AND hardware. Good luck and happy hunting!
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  9. I think the biggest factor to determine when you receive this K28 in noir is where your store is located and its clientele. You can get really lucky if no one wants such a bag, but it's not just about getting on the waitlist. I have a feeling that people who spend more will always be allocated the bag first, no matter how long others have being waiting...
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  10. I was offered a K28 in noir w/ghw recently. I wasn't even asking for this color.

    As with Hermes, anything can happen.
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  11. Hi,
    I have been waiting for the past 6 months. I’m assuming I have another 6 months until I get an offer unless I decide to drop a huge chunk on something else.

    Is there a thread where all the newbies can check in and see how our journey is going?
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  12. I do not think so. Start one! I think have done enough buying for a bit. I have gotten a fair amount by my standards this year. It’s probably not much by H standards (a bag, some SLGs, a few ties, a scarf, a CGSM) but I will just wait it out.
  13. OT: wait, you got your black B already? :heart::nuts:
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  14. Great thread! I recently gave the SA I’ve been working with the past six months or so my 3 item long wishlist and she called me with the first item a week later. It was a mini Constance in gold so perhaps the waitlist for that is not as long. I’m still waiting for a neutral or blue b25 -and k25 which I assume will take longer. Just don’t know how long!
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  15. On Saturday! :yes:
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