how do you organize and store your nail polish?

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  1. I'm giving myself a big whoohoo here. I spent an hour arranging all my vintage Chanels by color family. They're all in the third drawers down in my side by side Alex units. I wanted to know that if I open the third drawer in any unit, it will be Chanel. Fifth drawer in each unit is OPI. Two bottom drawers in each unit are dupes, base coats, nail treatments, etc. I need a third Alex, but my husband will kill me. Plus, my house is super small, so I'd have to completely rearrange furniture for it. I'm thinking I'd almost prefer to toss the excess than to go to that much trouble.

    Anyway, now I won't have to empty everything out and go through every polish just because I'm in the mood to vamp, say. Next I'll have to tackle Dior, OPI, and BBCouture. Whew. I feel most virtuous and accomplished this morning.
  2. Pffft. Are you sure you need a kitchen table?

    And congrats on the organizing!! I am still a caveman and using the dump, scatter, search, and scream method.
  3. Ooooh! Falling back on old school methods there!

    And no, no need for a kitchen table. Heck, I could happily eliminate the kitchen, when it comes right down to it.
  4. Now we need pictures of all this organized beauty!!!!!
  5. I have a carpenter fitting by bookshelfs and tv unit tomorrow. I am hoping to get him to make me some sort of storage unit - i have taken inspiration from Mollydolls shelf.

    GGA - Yes, Show us some pictures. I would love to see your vintage chanels!
  6. I am in a picture mood this week. These are the only drawers I'm remotely happy with, though. The others are still works in progress. The only thing I hate about this storage setup is that the drawers aren't easily removable. If I want to get to the 3-4 rows of polishes hidden in the back of the drawer, I have to take out half the polishes in the front. That's a total PITA.

    Okay, first pic is the Chanels, second is the drawers of OPI. Yay for having room to grow in both. Last pic is KOH and Ozotics. No room to grow with either of those, unless I reorganize the whole setup.

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  7. Looks GREAT! Seeing all those Chanels makes me curious to see what colours of the rainbow you have. I don't think I've ever seen that many in one spot! :happydance::ps:
  8. When I die, I don't want to go to heaven. I want to resurrect in your Alex-es. I hope you don't mind ghosts.
  9. You are welcome to haunt me any time, assuming you are up for incessant, OCD convos about nail polish at a moments notice. And chocolate.
  10. Wow- Thats alot of Chanel, I am guessing you have some real treasures amongst that lot!? Should you ever feel like taking them all out for a more detailed line up i will be the first in the que to take a peek! Who knew they had that many polishes!, Its like heaven in a draw!
  11. I just fell outta my chair!!! Gga you my dear are to blame lol
  12. Oops! Sorry honey! You want me to bring you an icepack?

    Sally.M, I am sure that someday I'll be in the mood to photograph them, but that day won't come until I forget how long it took to get them all ordered and in there! As far as treasures, I love all of them. I guess there are some hard to finds in there? I've got CdN and a few cool duochromes and glitters.
  13. Nail Polish. Chocolate.. or just food in general. I'm down.
  14. I am pretty anal when it comes to spacing. lol I try to keep my polish to the bottom row in my closet since the other rows are dedicated to my shoes and I don't want to have the polish in different places.

    Needless to say I am always giving polishes away to my sisters because I am always buying.

    Nothing special. Just a two row letter trey. I am being in denial about buying another row since the shoe box also hols some polishes as well.

    The leopard bag is polish traveling bag. lol

  15. Gga, can I come over and play? :biggrin: