HOW DO: Chloe's Weather the Weather (hold up in rain or snow or humidity)

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  1. Hahah...I do that too. I also keep plastic bags in my desk at work in case its pouring outside when I leave!

    Thanks for the update Loganz. Glad to hear the rain didn't ruin your bag!
  2. that's good to know. thanks!
  3. Loganz, thanks for the report! I think Tanja also documented that the paddy withstands crappy weather, lol! Ahh, gives me the confidence to bring her out all the time, regardless:smile: Love my Paddy!
  4. Loves The Paddy Protection Info!
  5. the paddy is a real industrial bag.. and can handle any weather.:biggrin:
  6. I'm hoping (as you all well know by now:P ) to get either a whiskey Edith or a chocolate Edith the spring. For those of you that have Chloe bags in leather what do you do to protect it from the rain? Do you treat it with a specific product? Does the leather stain, i.e. leave water marks? Will a protection protect make the leather darker?

  7. The only thing I use on my bags is Appleguard Leather Care, a condiitoner that removes surface scratches and offers some waterproof protection. I only use it if the bag needs it; in other words, I do not purposely treat all my bags simply because I don't trust myself to wield a spray can - I tend to get way overzealous and will probably ruin my bags! The only problem I ever had with my tan Paddy is one of the handles got saturated with water when I didn't thoroughly dry my hands. It left a dark grey spot. I read on a leather website that if you gently stretch the leather, the dye pigments that became too close while the bag was wet will separate and return the spot to its original color. Thankfully, it worked.

    I have had no problems with my Paddingtons in a light rain, but in case of downpours, I always have a plastic bag handy to throw my handbag into. One time I was grocery shopping and had to grab a plastic grocery bag on the way out to "bag my bag" from the thunderstorm!
  8. I put on y leather protection spray on like I do with all my leather goods. I used my paddy in heavy snow/rain and it dosen't have one single watermark on. I live in a country where it rains or snows 6 months a year and the leather on the paddy is very insensitive not like the vacchetta of LVs. So my paddy is my ****ty weather bag;)
  9. ^^Could you tell me which brand you use? Did it darken the leather at all?
  10. I was stuck in the rain with my paddy this past weekend and it turned out alright. I was 100% sure that I was going to get stains but once it dried, it was as good as new.

    If my mom keeps asking me about my handbag, does that mean that she's catching on?? :amuse:
  11. I think she's wondering if there're maybe one or two you'd like to retire to her, lol! ;) :lol:
  12. Depends...what is she asking? :biggrin:
  13. It's called "Collonil" but I think it's a German brand but I think every leather protection spray will do the job.
  14. The question always is the same "Is that a new bag?" :shame: It's never accusing though which she normally would be, so I wonder if it means that she likes it and it means that I should buy more more more.... :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  15. Is the chloe paddington waterproff...... is it o.k to take out in the rain like LV Epi etc or will it get damaged??