HOW DO: Chloe's Weather the Weather (hold up in rain or snow or humidity)

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  1. I purchased my first paddy two weeks ago. It is the large bouler satchel with double zippers at the bottom in whiskey. I love the fit of this bag and am now considering a "sister". Have any of you paddy owners used your bags in heavy rain or snow? If so, what was the outcome? While we don't receive too much rain or snow in SoCal, my "other" hobby/obsession/addiction is travel. I want to know how well the paddy holds up to the "elements" before a second purchase (how practical...).
  2. I have the Paddy Tote in Whiskey and I live in Germany where it rains all the time :sad: but: No problems! Carry your baby where ever you go :smile:
  3. have used my paddy in rain and snow in NJ and no problems. i am a satisfied chloe customer. now i am thinking maybe the silverado satchel. while it may not be desireable now i still love it. and well... chloe just makes beautiful and durable bags.
  4. Excellent to know! Thank you!!
  5. Hi Nicolette, is that the shopping tote? How do you find it?
  6. I live in Germany as well and my paddy is actually my bad weather bag because my LVs with the cow whide leather is to sensitive. I did put a leather spray to protect her on and there are no water marks on her at all.
  7. Hi Cal!!!
    Yes, it's the shopping tote. It's very heavy an I can't put lots of stuff in there. And: The lock is already broken. The key doesn't come out again so I sent it to Chloé... will get my new Paddy s/s 2006 style in hopefully 2 weeks. What did you decide on?
  8. I did go with the shopping tote - I'm used to big heavy bags so hopefully it won't tear my shoulder off - it's the blanc colour and should be here by Friday :biggrin: .
  9. Cal: Concratulations!!!! :lol: I love the white one too. Just came back from shopping and discovered the new style in a lovely grey-lightblue color with silver lock...AMAZING! But will still stick with my new Whisky Paddy with little pocket and the straps around. Show us a pic when it arrived!!! :nuts:
  10. SoCal, can you post pics of your bouler? Daisy has the smaller version and it is REALLY cute, so I would like to have a larger to compare it with. If you can. Thanks!
  11. Just started a new thread with pics...
  12. YAY! Thanks!
  13. I know I have read in the past that some gals are scared to carry their paddys in the rain.

    Well, I am reporting that it was raining in Colorado last night (first rain of the year) and O'Paddy and I were out in it and O'Paddy is still perfect, not one watermark, no problems whatsoever.

    I still haven't even treated it with apple garde; today I might, but, if you are still scared then do a little bottom the bag water test, but, I thought you should know that my Mousse paddy suffered no rain penetration. :biggrin:
  14. it does get watermarks DURING the rain .. but fortunatly it fades away later :smile:
    no problems with THAT thank God :smile:
  15. Thanks for the info Loganz! I was actually wondering about that. I was in the rain a few daysa go but took off my coat to cover my paddy lol! The people must have thought I was a looney:nuts: