HOW DO: Chloe's Weather the Weather (hold up in rain or snow or humidity)

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  1. Bag Doctor Roey at your service! Oh, shoot, my secret is out; now I can't patent it and make more money to buy bags!! :biggrin:. I'm glad it worked Daisy; That would have been the nail in the bag coffin for me to look at that "stain" all the time.

    For those who care, on some untreated leathers, the dye pigments merge together after getting wet and stretching the leather in all different directions separates the pigment and lightens the leather again.

    Edith is cured! :smile:
  2. Yes, on some leathers they do. Unfortunately, you don't find that out until after spraying the bag! I don't bother to spray any of my bags; I just either let dry naturally (works on a lot of leathers) or blow dry to speed up the process (I carry one in my gym bag all the time.) and use the stretching method when spots remain.
  3. Wow Roey!! Thanks for the tips. I don't treat my leather bags either for fear some will react differently to the same treatment. Would hate to ruin a bag point blank like that.
  4. I am absolutely convinced that this spot would not have dried on its own and I would have been stuck with the spot in my first pic. It was like it changed the whole composition of the leather... it became shiny, dark, and "glazey" looking with no sign of fading whatsoever. I realize that it could take days to completely dry but in the six hours I waited, it did not improve a single tiny bit. Oh, I didn't blow dry it but I cranked the heat up in my car and stuck the bag in front of the vent for ten minutes with no improvement. :lol:

    I am truly fascinated at how it vanished when I stretched it. There is no sign of it all, even if I try to find where it was. Crazy! :nuts:

    So.... leave Edith at home if there is ANY sign of rain and when in doubt, call the bag doctor!

    Who ya gonna call? :biggrin:
  5. Hey, good idea! I'm glad you got the spot out!

    The same thing happened at Disney with my new tan paddy. A big ol' plop of rain dropped right on the middle-front! I just let it go, and it dried up with no spot. (luckily!)
    I haven't waterproofed it yet, but i have so much leather protectant at home it's crazy. Maybe i'll do it tonight.:shame:
  6. Jennifleur, you carried your Paddy through Disney? You are one brave girl! Between rides and intermittent rain and just the hassle of dragging a bag around with you, that is amazing! (I bought the Gucci belt bag for Disney, and a tote for the plane ride.)

    All HAIL the great Roey for her genuis! And Daisy, I am relieved to hear that your water spot is finally gone! (Esp since I have the same bag!)

    "Out damned spot!" ~ Macbeth
  7. Haha, Of COURSE! lol. I had to show her off to Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore when i met them! (ok, not really. she was just in the pics with all of us. lol).
    I didn't find it to be too heavy. I'm so used to carrying my LV MC Speedies with all of my junk piled in, so yeah... lol
  8. It's actually the PERFECT all-day carryall. Casual enough for daywear and smart enough for evenings, plus big enough to fit all your stuff if you're heading out for an entire day. And yes.. if only it wasn't so precious! I desperately need a good waterproofer, but I'm in constant fear of leather discolouration :cry:
  9. Kiptrip, you are in Singapore, right? Is the humid weather hell for leather bags? Here in Aus, we can't seem to find that Applegard stuff either but I've read in another forum that some Aussie girls recommend a leather cleaner/protector from a good bag boutique, not necessarily very high-end boutique but something like an Oroton one. I've heard their leather protector is great. Do you have Oroton in Singapore? If you do get it, prolly best to try on some cheaper bags 1st to see what the consistency is like and so on.
  10. Hey Sue, I do live in Singapore yes. To be honest we're lucky because the humidity here isn't all that bad.. unless you head to the zoo or something, but there's no way I would ever lug my Paddy to places like that. :noworry:

    Thank you for the suggestion. I have been trying to find a good bag boutique that would sell leather protectors, but I haven't been able to think of any, nor had the time to hunt around for one. Oroton hasn't reached our shores yet, so I guess I'll be spending the weekend looking around department stores to see what I can find. Will keep you all informed as to how it goes! :smile:
  11. Bringing this back up to the top for a lady in distress! Good luck!
  12. Wow, awesome, great tip!
  13. Truffles, is it you that had the pen mark on your whiskey paddy? I have an oil stain in one of my bags (!) that needs TLC so I wanted to know the name of the store in SFO you brought your paddy to?
  14. Good to know. I had the same question...