How can I make my calves smaller?

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  1. I'm the EXACT height and weight as you... it's so annoying because big calves on short people=very hard to manage as you look short and stubby.

    My calves are pseudo-muscular-- i avoid doing any calf specific weight training exercise as i'm afraid they'll make them bigger. any truth to this? my legs are paler than a sheet of paper bc i avoid wearing shorts and skirts..

  2. This might be too weird for you but do you have before and after pics you can post? I'm just curious to see the difference.

    I have big muscular calves too.

  3. It's true. Toned, muscular calves are hot, especially when you wear heels and they flex!
  4. I have big calves too! I'm wondering if there's any sort of diet or exercise that can thin out my calves :Push: . Wishful thinking.
  5. my calves have been always quite curvy and big. when i was in middleschool i was so shocked about them that i refused to wear short clothes. what a ridiculous behavior! now i have accepted them, but sometimes i still catch myself eyeing girls with their stickthin nonexisting calves, since these make you look 5 inches taller.
  6. Here are pictures. This is the ONLY picture I have of my legs before, as I never wore shorts or skirts! Then some "after" pictures taken at 5 months post-op. I am now 2 years post and do need to take some new pics. The swelling keeps going down for up to 1 year following surgery. Before surgery, my left calf was 13.5" and my right was 13". Now they both measure around 12". I am only 5 feet tall, so my big calves made my legs look even shorter!!

    Of course the reduction couldn't fix my bowed legs. But I think they look much better and more importantly, I feel so much more confident! Feel free to PM me with any other questions.


  7. My legs basically look like your before pic. Mine might even be a little bit bigger. I'm about 5'2" too.

    It might be my computer but for some reason the after pic isn't showing up.
  8. Hmm...I don't know what is wrong. Okay, here they are again!


  9. I would like to lose weight off my ankles and calves, but I'm not sure if just running/walking on the treadmill exactly does the trick, so does anyone know any exercises for calves and ankles that work?
  10. It's my understanding that you cannot lose weight off your ankles. The width of your ankles is determined by the tendons around them. Sadly, you cannot make your ankles smaller (believe me, that would be on my wish list if it were possible). Not even surgery can do anything.

    For calves, the best thing you can do is use a phone book for height, and hang the back half of your feet over the back edge. Lift and lower your legs until they start to burn.

    There's also a machine in the gym that does the same thing with more weights. I believe it's called a calf raise machine.
  11. Understand also that if you are doing calf raises you may very well get larger calves. These exercise will effect the muscles, and will strengthen and most likely enlarge them. Think of it this way. If I have a pot belly I could do hundreds of situps or crunches everyday, and I would NEVER get a cut abdomen. You need to lose fat from the area, provided that is what the issue is (other issues could be water weight or you may just have very muscular legs). This means watching what you eat more so then anything else. There really is no way to spot remove fat, aside from Lipo.
  12. Cycling really toned my calf muscles up. They look pretty hot now if I might say so lol.

    Like it's been said, your ankles are pretty much determined by your bone thickness and the tendons. Now, there will be fat involved, but you can't simply do ankle exercises and work it off. You have to do cardio and hope that your genetics allow the fat to burn off from there instead of some other area of your body.

    Rule of thumb, if you want to lose mass...cardio. Period.
  14. hi, ashmi99, I'm thinking of getting the calf surgery (oz clinic, korea) and was wondering if I could contact you by an email to ask some questions?
  15. omg this is so my problem!! I seriously have the most huge calves. Even my massager has noticed it and he says I have the amazing muscles there...

    I exercised callanetics (it's something similar to pilates, lots of stretching) from Jan - May, and on May my legs looked a bit thinner than they usually do... but since then I've been just walking or jogging (4 -5 times a week) for last 3 months and they've grown huge! :tdown: My BF has been walking with me and his legs are like sticks, I just seem to bild mucles more and he just slims. Now I started callanetics again, I hope it helps me soon!
    The only good thing is that I have very long legs so it doesn't make me look so thick, but I often feel like have the feet of a giant! :lol:
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