How can I make my calves smaller?

  1. I have huge calves, anyone have any suggestions on how to make them look leaner?
  2. Stand on tiptoes and strain till it hurts a little. Then lower yourself. Repeat untill you can't.
    If yu do this everyday, it works!
  3. Get a pair of good platforms.
  4. ^^oh wow, calf raises actually bulk mine up!
  5. hmmm, i run a lot, but i think that makes it worse
  6. I have the same issue! I think it is mostly genetic. I can shape and tone mine up, but as far as losing much size, I have never been able to do that.
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  7. ^^^^ same here...

    I try jogging really slowly and for longer periods while concentrating to tighten my thighs (Focus on the thighs and I automatically put pressure on the muscles) and completely losening any pressure on my calves (does this make sense?)....

    And just from jogging I've tightened up my calves a bit, but I can NEVER have one of those tight skinny long& lean calves... sigh...

    I'm thinking Lypo will be the only way...
    Remove all the fat cells there...
  8. Oh Joanna, say it ain't so. I can't stand it sometimes, i feel like i have to wear pants all of the time, like they are these big scary things.
  9. I think that walking, rather than running, actually creates a leaner leg.
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  10. Oh! Another thing to try is pilates. Supposedly, it lengthens the muscles vs bulking up.....I'm not sure about that, but it is worth a try. :flowers:
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  11. Pilates and yoga get my vote.. both leaning rather than bulking ways to exercise. But you can't fight genetics also-- so also just accept them and love them! I bet some people would love to have your calves :flowers:
  12. aw megs, you are so nice, but seriously, i doubt it. i have to start fitting yoga in more.
  13. We all have things we don't like... my love handles are far too big for my liking but Vlad says he loves them and the curves. Ehhh. :shame:

    Yoga would be great and stretching- that is really all I can think of.
  14. She's right. on all counts. And I have several friends who would love to have your "problem" as they have super skinny stick legs (their words). Yoga is great for building longer, leaner muscles. I bet you look great, anyway. We always magnify what we think are our faults.

    love, Pippi:flowers:
  15. I used to have huge calves. Now they are very lean. I walk every day and run very slow 3 times a week plus I've lost about 10 pounds. Good luck!