How can I make my calves smaller?


Mar 8, 2016
Its like physics. In normal posture every part of your body is being pulled down by gravity. It pulls on your bones. Your muscles are the ones holding things back. When you have good posture everything is in balance, so the muscles are balanced.
So say for example I have bad posture. If your back muscles are weak and you tilt your pelvis forward there will be an imbalance of power. Your muscles will start to compensate ->my lower back muscles are weak, and I tend to push my stomach forward. My legs will start to go into a genu recurvatum to carry my weight.
The issue is that because of this, there's more power on your calves and they hypertrophy (become bigger and bulkier) so that they can carry you.
Another thing you'll notice clearly is that some women will have very poor muscles at the back of their legs. The quadriceps muscles at the front of your leg will look defined but the back muscles (knee flexors) won't be as prominent/developed.

Sometimes people have bad posture but with very little effect on their calves, because they're thin, their weight isn't big enough for the muscle to start going into hypertrophy. But if they get pregnant for example, there's even more weight going on your legs so they'll get bigger eventually.

So possible solutions may be seeing if you have any underlying condition that affects the knee joint. But also looking at your posture because imbalances are going to lead to more pressure on your calves. So weak (lower) back muscles could be the issue, pushing stomach forward could be an issue, weight could be an issue,...


Jul 25, 2019
Have you gone for the muscle reduction surgery yet? I just joined this forum after someone recommended on reddit. I want to do lipo and calf reduction ( through severing the nerve).
Hello. Sorry for late reply. I didnt do anything yet. Because of the pandemic everything changed but i will still go to dr park in korea if ever


Jan 17, 2021
In 2021 I had flew to Korea and got calves botox. I notice my calves has gotten a little smaller. I also incorporated a lot of cardio and walks a lot slower than I used to.