Hope you'd love to see these new pics of 2011 bags.

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  1. ^^ ITA *molee808* ... waaaaaaay too many gorgey colors in this collection, although the Militaire looks a little lighter than I thought it would be (looks kind of similar to the Lt. Olive).
  2. Same here.. I was in London and I saw this girl with a blue gracier work GGH..
    I wanted to steal it from her!!:greengrin::greengrin:
  3. Thanks RUI for sharing the pics! I love the pics with all the wallets. Just makes me happy. :tender:
    Ardoise, Nuage, and Mimosa seem amazing!
  4. [​IMG]

    How you you describe the top right colour? Beige-rose? Peach? Dusty pinky-peach? Does it have a name?
  5. I think it's Vieux Rose.. maybe??
  6. Thanks for posting these photos!
  7. Loving the wallets! But have to admit I'm not liking these new style bags
  8. [​IMG]

    wonder which bags are in grenadine... the frontal two birkin-looking bags ... or those bright red bags in the background?:wondering:wondering:wondering
  9. thanks for the pics RUIRUIWINTER :smile:
  10. Thank you Ruirui! I have been dying to see these! Loving Ardoies & Nuage.
  11. #41 Oct 16, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2010
    Thanks for posting! Love all the moneys lined up, great way to show off the colour.
  12. agree with drati! love that wallets group shot!!!
    i am set on nuage!!!

    Thank your so much RuiRui!!! You are the best!!!
  13. And they are bringing the Lilac back again?! It looks similar to the 06 shade more though, from the picture here, more like the grey 06lilac than the pink 09 lilac.
  14. Rui thanks again for sharing, you find the coolest sites! I'm loving Ardoies & Nuage......very nice! :smile:
  15. Thank you, RUIRUI, as usual for your wonderful detective skills. :biggrin:

    So the colours of the wallets look pretty close to the swatches we saw earlier.

    Are there two Blacks? I thought the first Noir (above Nuage) looked a tad like dark blue to me. Anyone else see it as dark blue?

    Have to say Ardoise is a tad disappointing - I was hoping for it to be about 2 shades darker.

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