Hope you'd love to see these new pics of 2011 bags.

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  1. Mimosa is going to be my new MUST HAVE!! Thanks! :yahoo:
  2. woah! I was just thinking before I logged on to tpf that it would be nice to see somemore pics of the 2011 bags and here they are! thanks ruirui!
  3. Thanks RUIRUI! :hug: The new colors look fab! I can't wait to order in accessories!
  4. thanks for sharing :smile: though not sure if i'd love the new styles amd the new "leather" texture? :shrugs:
  5. Thanks for posting Rui! Loving Militaire, Ardois and Nuage :smile: can't wait to see the irl!
  6. What is that blue bag in the background of the 3rd pic I wonder?? Cyclade mini pom?? :faint:
  7. Thanks for posting! Those new flap bags are kinda 'birkin-ish'. They look cute!
  8. I was thinking the same thing. I have to say I'm not liking it either, I think if the top flap was the same color leather as the rest of the bag I'd like it more but I don't like the contrasting colors. JMO.

    Thanks Ruiruiwineter for posting these pics! :yahoo: I can't wait to see the new colors IRL! I'm really excited to see Androise. It makes me feel better about my preorder.
  9. Bal did a Periwinkle before -- 2007 Spring (called "Periwinkle/Bleu Glacier); it was GORGEOUS!!!
  10. :nuts:I love this "Caramel" color w/ the new rounded silver studs & the lace trim combo, Sooooooo Gorgeous on the City Motobag!

    I love the Periwinkle too, w/ these studs & lacing.

    Thanks for sharing Ruirui.
  11. thanks rui rui
    i looove militaire but i wish bal stop producing the "papier" leather i don't like them beside i have never seen anyone carrying them!

    i don't think so, i think it's the new style pampille
    i saw it in balenciaga.com before, here it is

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  12. Actually, the leather on the Papier bags is really nice .. and I kind of like the hardware. Have to give Bal kudos for at least trying out some new styles ...
  13. Yessss that's true! Hope to be able to get it with GGH :yahoo::yahoo:
  14. GMTA ... I saw it with the GGH (in a PT) and it was stunning!!! Was ready to grab it off the gal and start ruuuuunnnnnniiiiinnnnnnggggg ... :P!!!
  15. thanks for sharing RuiRui :flowers:

    oooh... am I in a bigger trouble :sweatdrop: