Hope you'd love to see these new pics of 2011 bags.

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  1. Is the mini classique coming back? (looking at the second Nuage bag on the rack)
  2. You're the best Rui, thx for posting ! ... Vieux rose is prettier than I thought!
  3. The new colours are pretty but really I'm not feeling the birkin look a like :sad:
  4. Hmmmm - the Vieux Rose looks interesting ...

    The Militaire looks lighter than I thought.
  5. thanks for sharing! i love the ardoisee :biggrin: is that similar with tempete?

    then maybe you should get the olive for your new green bobbies :biggrin:
  6. Pibloom I think nuage sort of reminds me of tempete? maybe ehehehe not sure..
    ardoise reminds me of galet... mhmmmmmm me thinking :graucho::graucho:
  7. nuage has a lil bit purple in it, ardoise is.................................
    can't describe :biggrin:
  8. Thanks, Ms. Ruirui - love looking at all the new colors and styles!
  9. Thanks for the new pictures! Now I'm thinking I want to change my pre order lol.
  10. WOW!! I've been so excited to see the new colors! Thanks! I'm new to Bal so this is my first real season of following the colors and styles. I love Mimosa, Ardoise and Nuage, but I'm not crazy about those new styles of bags. I'll def stick with one of the classic styles and I have to start saving $ NOW!
  11. I think the Militaire will be darker IRL...at least I hope it will be!!! These photos always seem to be too bright, and seem to wash the colors out.
  12. :sos: HELP!!! what to do, what to do, :sad::cry:how can i stop...
  13. I have to say I'm not that crazy about any of the spring colors. They all seem washed out or faded to me. Oh well - I guess that's good for my wallet!
  14. The bal bug has been eluding me lately. I wonder why? :confused1:
  15. Is that a RCH on the first photo? It looks better than the Giant version.

    Can't wait to see Ardoise RGGH. But Ardoise is a much colder blue/grey than I expected it to be.