Hope you'd love to see these new pics of 2011 bags.

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  1. Found this on ruiruis site :smile: but I can't enlarge it because I don't have an account. but nuage with rggh looks amazing! :love:

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  2. ^^^ITA!!! Love Nuage with rggh! That being said, I am thinking these photos are still showing all the colors to be lighter than they are IRL.
  3. I'm liking that light caramel-y brown color! Thank you for sharing.
  4. Not caring much for the Birkin flaps on the new styles at all.

    Love the colors though.

    Thanks for posting!
  5. Ardoise has a strong lilac tone on my monitor. I'm really curious about this color!

    I wasn't so much interested in militaire but now it's making me go hmmm...
  6. I'm in trouble, if that orangy rose & ardoise are close to the actual colors IRL, my my my, I WANT!
  7. Thanks for posting RUI.

    There's nothing for me. I will enjoy looking at everyones Ardoise though ;)

    Enlarging hungry_jacqs pic ^
  8. looks like i wouldn't be getting anything this season. i'm disappointed with ardoise! was expecting something darker.. :sad: at least my wallet's happy! :amuse:
  9. would anyone know what styles ardoise, nuage, militaire, vieux rose will come in? loving these colors!
  10. Not too thrilled by the colours or styles. The birkin look is so...... over-used?? =(

    THANKS RUI2 for the pics as always~!!!! *muaks*
  11. Thank you for posting :smile:

    I'm hoping for a Militaire, Canard-ish and an Ardoise gold-finish brass hardware Maxi Twiggy! Saving up begins now.
  12. thx for the colour translation
    i was hoping that grenadine is the red in the mixed papier-birkin style
    only mimosa and maybe ardoise will do for me...
  13. [​IMG]


  14. I like the second color in the last pic above. Is it Adoise?