Herve Leger = <3 Part III

  1. lolo: You make all those dresses look great. Congratulations on your haul. How can you dress down a HL dress? In my mind they are only for special events as they highlight all your curves. You think it's possible to wear them as everyday dresses? If so, can you post some ideas. This could help me maximize the cost-wear ratio.
  2. Thanks!
    I can't really save the dress for another event because it was purchased for the event. It's for a charity "white" event, so everyone has to wear white. I'm kind of stuck where I'm at, so I'm just going to work with what I've got.
    I plan to take it in to my tailor and I think that there are a couple of options. The shoulder straps in the back could be tightened slightly, the small side panels on the bust can be taken in very slightly, and I'm going to ask about sewing up the V-neck just a teeny-tiny bit.
    I might be able to alter a NuBra (by cutting it into the shape I need), which would offer me the nip coverage and just a tiny bit of support.
    I'll post pics of the colorblock V dress when it arrives. I can't wait!
  3. I saw pictures a while back of a HL worn with a motorcycle jacket, which really dressed it down.
    Other things that you can do:
    wearing different jackets or blazers
    wearing tights
    wearing booties instead of heels
  4. I just bought this dress. I think that because it could be a daytime dress (meaning not red/white/black or sparkely) and with cap sleeves, I could wear this out during the day, especially during the summer. I probably wouldnt wear it shopping or to run errands, but I can see myself wearing it to lunch or something. I think if I really wanted to casual it up a bit, I could wear it with flats.
  5. Lovely dresses lolobaby:smile: I love the bow dress. I almost got that one myself. The lilac is gorgeous on you too.
  6. Ladies if you are wanting to score some more dresses from BG because they are less than NM ,the dresses on BG are not showing up in the sale section, you must do a google search of the title of the dress and spell out Bergdorf Goodman. Copy the description of what is on the NM site.

    Example: chevre illusion dress Bergdorf Goodman


    It is $390 less on BG! HTH someone! I just scored another dress doing this.
  7. Another dress, Nani?! :nuts: congrats!
  8. nani,

    Thanks for sharing... That's so crazy! :smile:
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    Yes, I couldn't resist! I'm sure I won't be keeping all of them. I'm still waiting for my boutique scores.

    Honestly how could I say no? ;)
  10. Lolo, you look so hawt! Congratulations on your amazing steals!

    Congratulations, Nani! I love that dress, it's so cute :3

    Darn it, I'm not supposed to be looking at more HL! *eyes boxes she has at home*
  11. Wow, Nani, another one!
    You'll have to let me know how this one fits because I've never been a fan of the flared skirts on HLs. I've never tried one on though. It seems like a flared skirt would hang funny because of the weight of the material, but maybe that's not the case.
    Can't wait to see pics of all of your dresses!!!
  12. Free shipping for BG when you use code WELCOME.
  13. I was thinking about the issue of the material as well, but only one way to find out. Hopeing it looks good and not too short.
  14. dirtyaddiction Glad you decided to keep the 2nd dress! It looks fabulous on you =)