Herve Leger = <3 Part III

  1. Another hour left for NM's Mid-day dash... Seems like there's one HL style left, for $675. S, M, L.


    Oh hey! Found another. Scoop-back Jersey dress, from $850 to $425. M & L left.

  2. My dresses arrived. Here's my little input to this post.:smile:





    Thanks bebefuzz for the amazing sales info again!
  3. lolo, Your so pretty! I love all the dresses on you, the lilac one is my fav! The black with the silver sequince is hawt!
  4. Gorgeous! I love the red and the bow dress. But, they all look gorgeous! And, you are welcome!
  5. they're all amazing on you!
  6. lolo, love the lilac dress ('cause that's the one I got! ha ha :biggrin:) and the bow dress on you!

    dirtyaddiction, you made a good choice keeping that dress. Looks great on you!

    Yay! Can't wait to get mine too (which will probably take a while longer since it's coming by USPS ground allll the way to Canada..)
  7. thank you for the sweet comments! I ve been MIA in this thread lol. I love the lilac as well, could dress up with heels and dress down with flats!
  8. yay, we are dress twins! hahaha I love all of them as well, good for me and def. bad for my wallet!
  9. thank you dirtyaddiction! you look so hot as well, and omg your display picture made me droolssssss:graucho:
  10. thanksss : ) their dresses are just tooo amazing! haha
  11. WOW I just stepped away from HL rehab.. and look what we got here! I love dresses you gals are posting up! It's a great sale & glad everyone got a chance to get everything they wanted. Great finds ladies! Can't wait to see some more modeling pictures =)

    vhods It should be possible to tighten up the fishtail at the bottom of the white dress but you have to be careful that it won't be tighten up too tight or you can't walk in the dress since its knee length.

    I had the armpit area of my essential v neck taken in about 1 inch on both sides. It worked but the material was too stretchy that she should have taken 2 inches in. Is dress tighten around the underbust? If it's loose then you will be able to take in a bit on the sides, but just remember the more you take in from the sides, the front v neck/cleavage area would open up more. I personally love how the dress fits on the top, you can always save it for another special event which you don't need to alter an already perfect dress! It's a classic style & color that would never go out of style :smile:

    The crisscross banded purple/black dress is a well made dress that looks great. I can't wait to see you model it. I ended up getting the dress in a xs but I should have tried on the xxs. Since the xs dress gave me a little fishtail in the back =\

    lolobaby I love the first 2 dresses!!! great choice =)
  12. thank youuuu!
  13. I finally caught up! vhdos, I personally love how it looks on you but can see your concern. If it can't be altered, would it be possible to wear a triangle bra and use a low back attachment with the bra and add fashion tape to avoid side boob?

    As for the bottom, if your tailor can bring it in a bit (say make the dress tapered more at the end) it might do away with the extra flutter at the bottom and lay closer to the skin.

    lolo seeing you wear the lavender dress makes me wish I got it on the BG site when I had the chance. Every dress you got was so pretty.

    nani I'm so glad you got your dress! I was destined!

    Congrats to everyone and all of their great hauls. And especially thanks to bebe for her HL blog keeping us at the forefront of the HL world.
  14. lolo, love the dresses on you, especially the second one! I got the red dress as well but it's going to take a long while to reach me. Hopefully it'll look as nice on me as it does on you!
  15. You ladies got away with not paying taxes too, right? So jealous..... ;)