Herve Leger = <3 Part III

  1. hey ladies, can anyone recommend a tailor that has worked with HL dresses in NYC pleaseeeeee? Thanks!
  2. thank you!!!
  3. Does anyone know if anymore of the bow back dress lolobaby gorgeously modeled is still available anywhere? In an xxs or xs :flowers: I'm obsessed!

    Since the 70% off F&F was the past weekend, so are the sale prices back to now 40-60% off?
  4. Ladies, I have never gotten anything tailored. How does the tailor know how much fabric to take off? Do you put the dress on in the store and they will measure it? Or you have to tell them exactly how much you want to take off? Thanks!
  5. jeNYC, you wear the dress & ask them to take in wherever you feel it could be comfortably tighter!
  6. I want to know if there are any continuing sales too!

  7. lilflo, forgive me :blush: but do you mean you put the dress on in the tailor shop or you already have the dress on before going to the shop?
  8. The bow dress that lolobaby got was the only one left at HL atl. I asked.

    I know that all the remaining sale dresses at the Herve Leger boutiques have been sent to warehouse. So, they're not even available for sale anymore. I think some of them may eventually end up at hautelook, ideeli, Outnet, etc at a 40-60% off....
    That's my guess...
  9. you can bring the dress in and they have a changing area so you don't have to walk to the shop with it on. Also good to bring a pair of shoes that you most likely will wear with the dress so you can get a better picture of how everything will look.

    That is my experience when going to a tailor. HTH

    sorry I hijacked the question from lilflo.
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    Try calling reece from the Troy store. I rmb he had one in XS then, but I end up getting it from atlanta! So if you still want it try to call him!
  11. nono i actaully did pay some taxxx. But well with the savings, IT'S OKAY! LOL
  12. Me too... although I really shouldn't have been charged taxes since it's being shipped to Canada. I think I might have to call them to have that corrected, but not sure how that is going to work. Any advice on that?
  13. hey jenyc, not sure if this is helpful, i had my scoop dress altered once but since there's no herve leger in Chicago. I absolutely have no idea where to get it done. What I do is call my local BCBG boutique and told them the situation. They told me their "PREFERRED" tailor in my area and I have my dress altered! :yahoo:
  14. Thank you lolobaby! I sent you a PM ;)