Herve Leger = <3 Part III

  1. I wonder how many dresses we all got collectively in the last 2 weeks.... lol.... or how much MONEY!!!:nuts:
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    Here is a picture of me in the front zip red cap sleeve dress that I got over the summer. I finally got a chance to wear this dress for my friend's birthday in Dec :biggrin: Too bad the venue I was at, made the dress look muddy in some pictures. The only bad thing about front zip dress is that the zipper scrunches up when you're sitting down :tdown:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. ^ You look fabulous!!
  4. Love that front zip... it's one of my favs, and flattering in every way! I have it in xxs and xs! LOL
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    everytime i see that dress i want it more & more but I can only get it if it's on the 70% discount since I bought 2 dresses & 1 skirt during the sale!

    (if anyone sees or hears about it in XS at 70% sale please PM me!!)
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    That red front zip style dress is a Herve Leger exclusive (only sold at Herve Leger locations) and Herve Leger boutique sales are over. I was only able to get this dress in xs at 40% off, and I felt lucky even scoring it at that price at the time. That style was pretty limited as is during the sale.

    Either way, please let us know if you are able to score one at 70% off!!!:yahoo:
  7. LOVE this dress!
  8. rnsmelody- You look gorgeous! Love the CLs with your HL!
  9. everyone looks great in their dresses! my black strapless dress has arrived but i'm so bummed out about it. I was so excited to try it on but I think it’s a little small for me or there's something wrong with the dress because the zipper came off. :cry: it came off one side of the dress and then when I tried to fix it, the entire zipper head came off. I tried to put it back one but it looks like theres no opening to put it on. does anyone have an advice on what i can do? is this fixable or do i need to replace the entire zipper? also has anyone replaced the zipper before and how much would that usually cost?
  10. You bought it from Herve Leger San Fran right? I would just call them FIRST before you attempt to play with the dress and let them know the issue with the zipper.
    These dresses are made to last... and the zippers are meant to handle some serious stretch, so it sounds like a defected dress MAY have been sent on accident.
    I mean since you bought from Herve Leger boutique, they may be able to do a return and refund...

    You can try to fix it but it doesn't fit anyway, right?
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    ^ actually this is one i bought pre-owned. i purchased it before i knew about the 70% off sales. i tried the dress on twice. the first time, it was tight, but i thought that's how HL is supposed to be. then the 2nd time i tried it on, the zipper seemed kind of hard to zip/unzip like it wasn't very fluid (this is before i actually put the dress on). when i tried to zip it up, i didn't pull that hard but it just came off through the bottom. i expected HL dresses to be of good quality so do you think the authenticity may be an issue?
  12. I've never had this issue... You can either post pictures on the authenticate apparel thread, and I'll authenticate it for you... you can message me or contact me thru my blog...

    I don't want to draw to any conclusions... but this is a very unusual for a HL to break like that. I would be suspicious if the zipper was already messed up OR it may be a fake...
    But, fakes usually aren't even like that...

    Did you compare the zipper to your other Herve Leger zippers? I thought there wasn't a spot for the Herve Leger to slip off the bottom? Like the zipper bottom is sewn into the dress....

    Either way, that totally sucks!
  13. Thanks for the ideas. I will try to re-adjust my thoughts about when, where and how I can wear my HL.
  14. sarasmith3269 I PM'd you. Just wanted to make sure you got it!