Scarves Hermès Spring/Summer '19 Scarves

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  1. These threads are archived as part of our reference library, therefore please only post scarves on this thread from the season in the title. If you are not sure, please do a search or ask in the ID this scarf thread before you post. :drinks:
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  2. Thank you for the heads up!

    Thank you so much for posting yodaling! (I'll move some pics over to the moussie thread later... for future ref)
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  3. aw, thank you! :hugs:
  4. Beautiful modeling pics!
    I have the same cw Animopolis!!
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  5. I bought a Losange gm in January at the Miami store
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  7. I saw it in person in both the blue and red. I didn't detect any changeant quality to either. :shrugs: :thinking:
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  8. I could surely be wrong. It won't be in any except the blue if at all and the blue will be blue on blue if it has it.
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  9. You are welcome and thank you as well for doing to move over as it will be super helpful in the future. We need as much reference as we can get because we know how helpful H is.

    I am curious to find out too because the stock pics look quite like changeants. Hopefully down the road someone can confirm with the blue losange.
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  10. The small blue one I'm not entirely sure. There's a hint of it on the fold lines, but it could be the lighting. On the big blue losange though, it is very easy to see even in the stock pic. It will be fun to find out! Hopefully soon!
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  11. I have been waiting for this! Are you in the US dear?
  12. Sorry I'm not in the US and my store just received it last week... maybe your SA can transfer one for you? :smile:
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  13. Has anyone seen the SS19 mousseline(s) at a boutique?
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  14. I've see a couple of the Liste au Fil losanges (the turquoise and the rose ballerine).
  15. I've seen Alphapois losange mousselines.
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  16. Wow!! you tied the Animapolis in so many nice ways. I love it.
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