Scarves Hermès Spring/Summer '19 Scarves

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  1. These threads are archived as part of our reference library, therefore please only post scarves on this thread from the season in the title. If you are not sure, please do a search or ask in the ID this scarf thread before you post. :drinks:
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  2. Ooooh great choices! Congrats! Love all the Animapolis knots and I’ve a feeling you’re going to get tons of mileage out of it with that CW... very versatile! And, more toned down than the brighter ones yet still quite spirited and fun. The Dallet is a timeless classic and I’m sure will be a favorite in that classic CW... Gorgeous!

    This is design is soooo amazing! It ties beautifully! Love both the formats but I’m dying for it in a 90!
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  3. My Equateur carre wash arrived. It has been abundantly posted about here, but just in case these should also help anyone, and for the record...









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  4. Love this CW and the colors are so flattering on you! You look terrific.
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  5. Thank you so much!
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  8. The orange equateur finally arrived. It’s a bit more tangerine than Hermes orange. Going to return. IMG_2908.JPG IMG_2909.JPG
  9. Both you, @hannahsophia and @hopiko were instrumental in my decision to get this design. Your gorgeous pics were so inspirational... Thank you ever so much!

    I see what you mean... Quite different, although beautiful just the same...
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  10. As I scramble to catch up on my threads, I can’t help but see dear Fifi’s pictures. I’m now convinced she could wear a potato sack as a scarf and we would all be convinced to buy it

    Hats off to you, dear
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  11. Woo, that animapolis is the one I got (I think, still waiting for delivery). Looks so pretty on you! I hope it works with my skin tone ...
  12. Looks like you’re wearing different scarves depending on how you wear it. Kind of amazing...:loveeyes:
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  13. LOL!!! Oh, what a lovely man you are... Thank you ever so kindly, dear! ❤️

    Well, this is one of those designs with so many beautiful and complex illustrations that with every knot and fold a new element and interesting corner is revealed. That’s where the magic is!
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  14. You’re right! It really helps to see these scarves on. They are beautiful spread out but to see them in action in multiple ways just shows how amazing they are! Love!!!
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  15. Oh, how I wish I had half of your knot-tying talent. I usually look like the hangman tied the noose around my neck while he was drunk. :lol:
  16. Thank you for posting so many, detailed photos of this beauty. It really suits you and I don't remember seeing you in these colors before. Great choice!
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