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Feb 10, 2007
Since this thread is now huge and the internal links to frequently asked questions no longer work, here is a brief FAQ for newcomers to the Hermes Special Order process.

What are the current choices for "a la carte" Special Order bags?
Current selection definitions (bag types, sizes, combos) Sept 4, 2021
Current color charts Page 1182 Post 17,729 Sept 13, 2021

(Added Sept '22) Please note: color chart stays the same as last year’s chart (except for Bleu Brume, which is deleted as an option in any leather) and will be used until next round September 2023!

What is an Hermes Special Order?
Each year Hermes gives select clients the opportunity to customize a classic bag in a made-to-order a la carte process. This thread is only for bag A La Carte orders (please use the separate threads for watch SOs and shoe SOs). "A la carte", "SO" (special order), and "HSS" (horse shoe stamp) are used interchangeably on this forum.

When is the Special Order season?
Currently, there is one SO season each year, opening around the end of August and closing in June. (FSH seems to be the exception with year round SO offerings.) New SO menus are typically leaked in August and remain constant until the following August. Individual stores have complete discretion on when, within this window, they offer SO appointments to their clients.

Which specs can I customize?
Hermes defines which specs can be customized and these specs can change each SO season. Generally these specs include: leather type, leather color, and hardware color. At your SO appointment, your SA will present you will the limited menu of choices including bag types and sizes (Birkin 25, Kelly 28, etc), pre-set combination designs (line, verso, multico, etc), leather choices, leather colors, hardwares, and a map for which options can be selected for which bag type and size. Not all leathers and hardwares are allowed for all bag types and sizes.

Can I make physical changes to a bag definition during SO?
Sometimes clients would like to change a physical aspect of a bag, like increase the handle drop or add a pocket or a strap. Unfortunately, Hermes does not allow any type of alteration to the bag definition during SO. For extensive changes like these, a client would need to pursue a “Horizon order” which can be read about here.

How long will my SO take?
There is no way to predict how long a SO will take from placing the order to receipt of the finished product. Most orders seems to take six months to a year, however it isn’t uncommon for bags to arrive earlier or much later than that estimate.

Can my SA give me status my existing SO?
Unfortunately, the info that can be seen by SAs at the local store is very limited. They can generally see if the order is still outstanding (ie hasn’t been cancelled) but do not get status updates beyond that. Some stores will update clients when they get notice that a bag has been shipped from Paris but other stores wait until the bag is physically in store before alerting the client.

Do I need to place a deposit for SO?
In most regions of the world, a deposit is not required for SOs. However, some Asian and Middle Eastern locations do seem to request at least a partial deposit. Deposits may also be required in other regions if the SO selections are very personalized (ie if you have your personal initials hot stamped onto the bag) such that selling the bag to a different client, if the original client declines the bag, would be difficult.

Do I receive confirmation of my SO after placing my order?
In most regions of the world, the client gives their specifications to their SA and that is the last they hear about it until the bag arrives. FSH seems to be an exception to this and sends the client a confirmation email within a few weeks of placing the order.

Is there a premium for a SO bag?
No, there is no premium price for SO bags. Their price is the same as any other standard stock bag of the same specifications at the time of delivery.

Is my SO a quota bag?
SO bags are generally counted toward a client’s two-bags-per-year limit at the time that the bag is received and paid for. If a client has already maxed out their quota bag allocation for the year, some stores will allow an exception to purchase your SO as a third bag for the year while other stores will require the customer to wait until a new calendar year before receiving the bag. These policies are subject to be changed per store at their convenience so it is always wise to check with your specific SA.

Where can I get ideas for my SO bag?
This thread shows unique combination bags. Please consider posting your bag there once it arrives!

Where can I see historical SO menus?
2022 on post 17,729 page 1182 Sept 13, 2021
2021 on post 15,439 page 1030 Aug 16, 2020
2020 on post 13,222 page 882 Aug 8, 2019
2019 on post 10,472 page 699 Sept 10, 2018
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Hi, Does prespend reset after you receive your SO? I received my first quota in May of last year, continued to shop, and picked up my SO in November. It took about 1 year to receive. Curious to know if my spend after my first quota in May of last year would be taken into consideration for a quota this year. Thanks!