Special Combo Bags- PICS ONLY PLEASE!!!!!


    I thought it would be great to have a picture thread filled with truly special combination bags. You know the ones you would really call "special orders". It can be one that you own or one that you would love to own.

    Any leather, any exotic, and any combo. Post pics here and any discussion would be fun as well.

    How about this one:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. i'm in love with this one.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]
  6. [​IMG]
  7. What a fun thread!:tup:
    red line.jpg red line2.jpg potiron toile1.jpg potiron toile 2.jpg
  8. More special combos.
    tweet 1.jpg violet 1.jpg blue 1.jpg birkin blue1.jpg red1.jpg
  9. :heart::heart::love:
    fushia croc with orange.jpg
  10. Some of these bags actually belong to fellow tPFers.
    35cm Bi Co Orange-Havanne Swift w GHW.jpg 32cm Black Box Kelly w GHW & white constrast stitching.jpg Bi colour Blue Brighton with Rose Shocking Interior.jpg Bi colour Olive + Chartreuse Tgo.jpg bi-colour choc box birkin & kelly.jpg
  11. Some more ...
    Black Birkin with White Stitching White Interior.jpg Black Box with White Contrast Stitching.jpg Ebene Togo Birkin with Orange stitching.jpg Gold outside orange inside.jpg
  12. More...
    white 1.jpg rouge 1.jpg lizard.jpg JPG.jpg black 1.jpg
  13. More...
    white blue.jpg chocolate.jpg brown 1.jpg brown2.jpg red.jpg
  14. more...
    white red.jpg brown1.jpg beige.jpg mini.jpg himalya.jpg
  15. This one has a special place in my heart! :heart::heart::heart:
    She belongs to another TPF member right now (I hope she doesn't mind!)... but she'll be mine soon! :heart:
    Picture 131.jpg Picture 132.jpg