Hermes Paris SALE JUNE (Summer)

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  1. I thought I just create a new threat for all posts related to the JUNE (Summer) SALE!

    As far as I know there are 2 SALES every year. 1 in January (there's an existing threat for that here:

    and 1 more in June.

    I'm going to try to go this year for the first time as I'm hunting my first 140 Cashmere. Mentally I'm just not ready to fork out the full price at the store LOL

    The 2016 June Sale will start on June 22 according to latest info on the January Sale's threat and lasts for 3 days I believe.

    If anyone has some other info please do share :smile:

    Anyways pls post all info/purchases/tips on here so we can help each other who will be going:smile: :smile: :smile:

    Mods: if there's already a Hermes JUNE SALE threat pls remove my post :smile:

  2. Thank you mygoodies!!! Hopefully we can get some tops from experties!! 👏👏👏👏
  3. I doubt the date that you have included here as the start date is accurate. H confirms the date of their sale close to the event, so they have not released the date yet. In addition , June 22 is the first day of the sale period in France. I believe the sale period is about 3 weeks long.

    I have only gone to the H sale twice, but I have friends who have gone twice a year for years. I don 't recall the H sales beginning on the first day, though I suppose that there is a first time for everything.
  4. Just a quick note to say that the sale isn't always in June. Last year it was July 1-3, which I went, smack in the middle of heat wave.

    It's usually the second week, a week after the start of the official Summer sale but in the past there has also been rare occasions where it coincide with the official sales though.

  5. THANK YOU Ladies for the clarification🏼🏼

    Hopefully we will find out the final dates very soon as I have to book my tix in the next few weeks for work!

  6. I was there last summer, too! Ugh, miserably hot - and it ruined my plans for doing a lot of walking. I live in a generally cool climate and really dislike heat.

    Lately it seems the H sale is the second week, but I don 't rely on that as it is not always the case. I have to travel quite a distance to Paris, so I always wait for confirmation of the dates from a reliable source. I wish H would release the dates earlier!
  7. I really hope that sale is on when i am in paris 🙏
  8. Hi ladies,

    I emailed FSH last week, and they said the sale is to start on June 22 and ends on the Friday. Now I'm not so sure about those dates reading your comments, but I'm not sure why the back office at FSH would lie about it? Hmm... Hopefully someone can confirm it, or I guess we will just have to wait as the date gets closer.

  9. THANK U for the update dear! I hope I still can make it fit to my work schedule:smile: :smile: :smile:
  10. Damn it, if this is the case, I would miss the sales by one day, as I'm coming to Paris for an overnight stay on the 25th of June for a concert...
  11. i have been going since 2009 and only twice it did not coincide with the start of sales in france - for june. it is january sale that usually second or even third week.
    last year's sale was so miserable though, i find it not worth the trip.
  12. I'm curious. Do the sales count in any way towards your purchase history?
  13. No
    Its totally different record
  14. So if they look at your history in the store, you'll have two different purchase histories?
  15. Different systems
    Sales no history
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