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  1. A favorite of mine, too, along with lilies, both are so cheerful! :smile: I usually buy one or the other. I love the fragrance of lilies, and tulips have that delicate scent of spring. And they both always seem like a bargain, as they last so long!
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  2. Best wishes for a happy, healthy new year and the yellow tulips are lovely.
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  3. Hi Maedi, sending many happy new year wishes to you, too! :flowers:
  4. Thank you so much :smile:
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  5. Hope everyone is staying warm! I'm listening to Igor Stravinsky's Rite of Spring now, which is guaranteed to heat things up,:graucho:
  6. Lots of warm wishes here!!! Wish everyone a very happy and prosperous 2018!
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  7. Stay warm and snug, Madam B! :flowers:
  8. I thought our weather has turned cold until I looked at the temperatures in N. America! Wish you all keep warm and the cold weather come to an end soon!
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  9. Hi xiangxiang, I think the areas that have been so cold are finally starting to have a big thaw! My family and friends were not enjoying the extreme cold! :huh:
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  10. So I heard! I am glad it has started to warm up. when you hear it was snowing in Florida then you know it wasn't right!

    We are having a bit of cold spell but nothing below zero in Celsius.
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  11. What programs has everyone been enjoying? We’ve recently had fun with the following:

    The Durrells in Corfu - season 2 via iTunes - Set in the 1930s. Love this endearing, funny, and quirky family, and the beautiful setting!

    The Crown - season 2 via streaming Netflix - Enjoyed quite a lot, although not as keen on the Kennedy episode.

    Arrested Development - via streaming Netflix - We’ve been re-watching the original series, so funny! If you’ve never seen it, start at the beginning, and try 5-6 episodes before deciding if it’s for you. Takes a bit for these wacky characters to be fully fleshed out!

    Jeeves and Wooster - via Netflix discs - based on P. G. Wodehouse stories, and set in late 1920s UK. We’ve only watched one episode, but funny so far.

    Father Brown - via streaming Netflix - Mysteries set in 1950s, English countryside. Fun, lighthearted, we enjoy the characters and setting.

    And season 2 of Victoria will be available for us mid January (via iTunes), looking forward to watching! :smile:
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  12. Bit of cold is kind of nice, we've had a some, too, although warming up again, now. I enjoy being able to pull out more cashmere when it's chilly...miss having more distinct seasons!
  13. @etoile de mer I have not seen anything you have listed! :sad::sad:
    We are watching new season (season 6) of Spiral, the French cop show. It's been very good!
    We are also watching Legends with Sean Bean in it. Created by the same people who created Homeland.
    And the new and the last season of the French/British series The Tunnel.
    Some of the comedies you listed sounds interesting. I will see if I can find it.
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  14. I saw a few of The Tunnel episodes on PBS and found they really drew me in. Very suspenseful. The British dramas are great. Shetland, DCI Banks...
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  15. It is very brooding isn't it? But not overly so and still keeps the pace. The characters are very well developed. And has some beautiful shots of the areas around the tunnel in both countries. We are sad that we finished watching all episodes of it. No more ... :sad::sad:
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