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  1. Yes, you describe it perfectly. I also enjoyed the fact that parts were in English and French. It is a stimulating show.
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  2. Hi cilantro, We seem to share the same sense of humor! :smile: You’d probably also like, “Bored to Death”, which we thought was very funny, although in some places veers towards “Curb Your Enthusiasm” territory, in that we’d be thinking, “oh geez, :wondering: we shouldn’t be laughing”! :biggrin:
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  3. I really liked The Tunnel. I didn't know there would be a season three. The characters are very interesting and I like the bilingual aspect of it.
  4. It's only just aired. And it's only a mini series with only 6 episodes in it. :sad: it went so quickly as we downloaded all of them and binge-watched.
  5. Hello all :wave:, I hope everyone is having a nice weekend! Here's a pic of my latest attempt at making a creamy, not too sweet, coconut milk "ice cream". I’ve been on a mission to create a recipe we love, this one is mocha chip. Getting close, recipe needs a bit more tweaking, but pretty good! :smile:

    coconut milk ice cream 1.jpg
  6. This looks delicious! Are you using coconut milk because of lactose intolerance or because you just want to try it? I have also started to use coconut milk instead of the normal soya milk I use.
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  7. Is anyone watching Victoria? A new season starts tonight. Also, tonight an interview with Queen Elizabeth is being aired on the Smithsonian Channel and BBC called Coronation. I have my tv set to record both. I think I am going to rewatch Season 1 of Victoria as I am not sure I saw the whole season.
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  8. Going to a concert so I will be TiVoing season 2. I will go schedule the Coronation interview. They aired all last season of Victoria the past few weeks
  9. I can watch Victoria via my Amazon subscription.
  10. Right! I have that too and completely forgot about that!
  11. Hi xiangxiang, :flowers: it does look a bit better than it tastes! Bit too much coffee in that batch. I thought it would be fun to work on a recipe we can make at home, as we like the lighter quality of non-dairy frozen treats, but find the pre-made ones to be too sweet! I do fine with cultured dairy (yogurt, cheese, kefir, etc…), but less well with other dairy, not sure why. Culturing is said to make dairy easier for sensitive souls! :smile:
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  12. We recorded the Coronation program because we are watching something else at the same time. Saw some trailer of it, the crown looks incredible with the jewels!
  13. I'm also looking forward to seeing season 2 of Victoria! :smile: We watch the series via iTunes, and I think the first episode will be available for us tomorrow. Regarding "Coronation", I hadn't heard of the interview with the Queen until now. Hoping we can watch, will need to search a bit!
  14. Can't wait for tonight to watch Victoria
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  15. Yum, that looks delicious.
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