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  1. Cordie I just went back and read a bit. Ok I didn't do too badly. I'll post on that thread. We should all check in about how we did although I think myh doesn't post on tpf much anymore. Her collection has evolved as well.
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  2. I agree with you Eagle, the zipper kicks it up a notch. I'll try to keep it. :smile:
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  3. Cordie, PbP, I used a hot pink bedsheet and laid my clothes flat to photograph them. It went pretty quickly - you can photograph them all in the app in bulk.

    Then editing and sorting can be done at your leisure. Also very efficient.

    It's not as bad as you think. And very useful.
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  4. I started using Stylebook last summer. For more recently purchased clothes, try to find an online pic. I found those much easier to edit than my own photos.
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  5. I watched a tutorial on their website. They recommend using a sheet. The main thing is the background has to contrast with the clothes so the program can recognize what to eliminate. It looked pretty automatic. They also show you how to do it manually.

    The program doesn't operate on computers--just phones and ipads. I am worried my old eyes won't be happy on the phone. Guess I will have to get an ipad.
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  6. It was just fun to see you talking from the point of what you planned to do and then see how far you have come. You did not do too badly. I had a hard time imagining you with those non H bags. :smile: Was the peekaboo rehomed?
  7. Yes it was. I just updated the thread. Maybe we can get some others to chime in about how their collections evolved. I know that klynanne didn't like Birkins back then and now she has a beautiful birkin.
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  8. I use an iPad, FWIW
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  9. I think I finally found a pair of cute not-black low-heel, ankle strap shoes for spring/fall.

    They are final sale, and I bought them online without trying on my correct size. Thankfully they fit perfectly and will be comfortable once broken in.
  10. Very nice! I think they are a great choice.
  11. I am obsessed with Claire, and by extention House of Cards. What an inspirational woman. I want to be like her when I grow up :lol:
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  12. I'm too embarrassed to post on that thread. I have 3 bags in rotation for work, and a couple of evening/event bags, and several that I've outgrown and rarely carry. This is making a strong case for my next bag. I have very limited storage space, but can't seem to get rid of bags that have ripped linings, broken straps, or extensive corner wear.

    Of course I also have about a dozen camping/biking/backpacking/kayaking bags of various sizes and purposes - more than handbags. :/ Some of those need to be downsized as well, but they are so handy for the one or two times a year that I need them. may be easier to throw out the ripped Eddie Bauer backpack than my trashed Gucci hobo - maybe that can be my little project for this evening.

    BTW, PbP, on your 30% closet experiment, I realized this morning that since I usually get dressed directly off my drying rack, the seasonal clothes that languish in my closet do not get worn - that may be en efficient way for me to do a closet cleanout.
  13. Somebody maybe answered this but making a new zipper stop is so simple. Just whip stitch -- take a small stitch from one side to the other of where along the teeth that you want it to end, then take several small stitches over that, tie off the ends, and voila, you have a new zipper stop.
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  14. I pop on here from time to time to try and catch up, and maybe post if I have anything interesting to share ;) Well, it made me giggle to see Warhammer mentioned above, I never expected to see that in the H forum. All of my kids are into it, they assemble, paint and play with the figures. It is a very detailed and time consuming hobby! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your comment made me smile.

    Also, we finally bought our home. I had mentioned our search months ago, on this thread. It took nearly 2 dozen offers and over one year straight (plus 4 years off and on) to come in 1st (and not backup, if I never hear the word "backup" again it will be too soon). The Bay Area house market is not for the faint of heart, but beyond perseverance, I believe it takes some luck. We had everything ready, but so did at least 10 other people for every property. Anyway, maybe I will have more time to hang out in the Cafe now that so much of my day won't be consumed by house hunting. Thank you to everyone who let me vent on here & offered advice :hugs:it was very much appreciated!
  15. rainneday, congratulations on your new home! That is FANTASTIC! I have an idea what you went through to get to this point and I am thrilled for you.
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