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  1. Wow, that's reasonable. I've never had a zip replaced. Good to know.

    I think that "structure" in garments is what I like about Dior. It seems obvious but clothes should make us look better. if the designer can get the basic shape correct then a garment makes a woman look more beautiful--taller, slimmer, more proportional. Then when a tailor tweeks it specially for the wearer, there is a distinct look of fit and polish. That's why they look so great on these shows--their clothes are tailored to the nth degree. Sometimes maybe women forget that clothes don't normally come like that. I will look for Robin's dress!
  2. And they can do that? Make a zipper stop? That would be great. It probably sounds nuts, but I can see this cut shorter too, as a tunic top at hip length and wear over slim pants with low boots. Very cool and mod. :smile:
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  3. I think I would look into getting a new zipper first. Much depends upon the resources available to the tailor and whether they can find it. Or once you know the length required, you could probably find it on the web.
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  4. Wow, they have a lot of zippers. Thanks! :heart:
  5. You are bringing back memories of high neck dresses I used to have. They were great. I had not noticed that they are hard to find now. You are making me want to shop.

    I hear you intense love of this dress. I hope it works out for you.
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  6. Thanks. :smile: I ordered it so I'll see what my seamstress can do with it--nothing ventured nothing gained, as they say. For the price, if it gets bungled up it isn't the end of the world. I'll also be interested to see when it arrives if the knit is as dense as I'm imagining. Lol! Ordering online sight-unseen is always a thrill.
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  7. agree. And would you want the new zipper to be exposed? If you want it covered with a lap, there might not be enough fabric to so that. It looks so cool with the exposed zip to hem, why change it? Just curious. It makes the dress unusual and different,
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  8. Genie, this is so impressive. You did a great job!
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  9. I saw the Blair Witch Project in my late teens, and at that age it scared the daylights out of me! I am easily scared by creepy things. When I run by myself deep in the woods I should be scared of weirdos or wild animals, but my mind starts thinking about ghosts....then I run so fast back to the car! I feel like a child! I think one of the best reasons to get married is that I don't have to be scared of ghosts and monsters anymore when I am alone by myself haha! I would be seriously creeped out if I were you to be walking in those woods, or even just remembering it!

    I actually loved that Winona Ryder version. Again, it may have been the age I was when I saw it...I thought it was so romantic and exciting. I actually just saw it again this year and I was surprised that I still really liked it, of course it seemed much more campy as an adult. I have always been into period movies, I love seeing the clothes even if the acting is not the strongest.
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  10. My eyes stopped because I love this dress also! I agree that someone needs to buy it!
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  11. I think she just wants the whole dress to be shorter, which requires shortening the zipper since it goes the entire length of the dress from collar to hem.
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  13. Thank you.
  14. That looks fabulous genie, huge congrats!
    I like the pearl trim too.
    How long did it take if you don't mind my asking.
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  15. What are you doing up so early?

    I am thrilled for you that you got the piece you wanted and I hope it brings you joy every time you wear it. And as someone else wished you, happy early birthday.
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