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  1. Thank you! It was worth the ten year wait. And it was even more beautiful than I remembered. So I'm thrilled.

    I'm up this early every day. I start work at 7. The chihuahua is not amused at being awaken at this hour. why are you up so early?
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  2. It is wonderful to hear that it is worth the wait and that it is more beautiful than you remembered.
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  3. I went to one of DH's band performances last night. It was a rare early performance so I could go, Otherwise I'm in bed by 9 most nights. DH is a peach and wakes up to hand me my coffee on the way out the door.
  4. Um, I may have spent entirely too much time in a live-action role-playing group centered around vampires, so I may or may not have avidly read way too many cheesy vampire novels. (Including the novels written about the roleplaying game.) For a pretty decent version of the cheesy style, I really like the Mercy Thompson series ( ), though werewolves are the main cast and vampires are well-written support. Like many of these longer-running series, there's a certain devolution into MarySue-dom ( ) but it's still interesting. (BTW, if you've never been exposed to TVTropes, leave yourself a couple of days to get lost in there.)

    I have heard rave reviews of "Let the right one in", both book and movie. Ditto the movie "Only lovers left alive". (I have been having a problem for the last few years where TV and movies are just too much input so I haven't seen either.)

    But my recommendation is going to sound really weird - please bear with me. There is a very geeky game that involves putting together and painting hundreds of little models and having huge battles with them, called Warhammer. Each army type has a huge backstory and there are dozens of novels about the medieval-fantasy world, most of them terrible. But there is one book that one of the many bfs who played suggested I read, and it's brilliant and horribly creepy. It's called "Drachenfels" and the protagonist, Genevieve, is a vampire. The author is Kim Stanley Robinson*, a successful science fiction author, slumming it as Jack Yeovil. He wrote a couple more books about Genevieve, which are interesting, but not nearly so compelling, and you can buy them all as a large hardcover. I may possibly have both the softcovers and hardcover...

    *If you like hard-sf and big sprawling epics, you've probably already read his "Mars" trilogy, which is amazing.
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  5. Oh, and I just finally got around to reading Terry Pratchett's "Carpe Jugulum", which is both funny and and a great story, the vampire novel of his long-running Discworld series. If you haven't read any of those, I'd start with "Equal Rites" to meet the witch protagonists.
  6. I can't seem to find a good photo of the house of cards dress. Does anyone know if there is a website that dissects the wardrobe choices from that series? (There was one on Kelly Rutherford's gossip girl wardrobe that was amazingly detailed.)

    This is the only photo that I see and it's not very helpful. But when the dress appears in the show you will know which one I'm referring to prepster. Please let us know how your dress turns out.

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  7. Cordie, it took a couple of months worth of free evenings and weekends, but I had to re do the sleeves a couple of times from scratch, and put it away for a week while away on vacation. So, not long

    PbP, I love all her clothes in that show, and her posture is so elegant.
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  8. Love the dress too, prepster. I think the zipper can be shortened too so the hemming would be possible.
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  9. Yes her posture is everything! The body and tailoring don't hurt but her posture is amazing and just as prepster pointed out about Christine Baranski her speech and movements are slow and deliberate no matter what the circumstances.
  10. Wow sounds interesting. Thank you!
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  11. Oh yes, I forgot about "Let the Right One In". Excellent! And for a hysterical campy vampire movie, check out "What We Do in the Shadows" , the "Spinal Tap" of the genre. Very silly. DD suggested it for a movie night and it was a lot of fun.
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  12. Prepster, it should be no problem for them to hem your dress. They can replace the whole zipper or cut and move the zipper stop on the existing one. The expense would depend on how the zipper is attached, if the dress is lined or has a complicated facing. I doubt it does and it should be a straightforward job. If they replace the zipper, just be sure you request an exact match. They might think they are doing you a favor by making the new one black or something. :amazed: It never hurts to be specific.
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  13. The bracelet is to die for! Better than I even imagined!!! Wear it in the best of health and happiness :hugs:
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  14. Yesterday, I entertained myself during my day in bed by reading old threads. PBP--I think you would find it entertaining to reread your posts in MYH's thread on her bags. It is always interesting to see what you thought and what you did.

    Checked out the Stylebook ap after seeing it highly recommended in an article comparing different clothes aps. I am enthusiastically ready to start photographing my clothes. I am slightly deterred by the number of items in my closet that are a size smaller than I am, but I figure thinking about what I could be wearing would motivate me on weight loss.

    We have a home gym for DH, and Saturday I wandered in and used it for the first time since we purchased it a year ago. That seemed like a good omen, since it was spontaneous. I have lost 7 pounds since February, but at that rate, I still have a year to go before my lovelies will see the light of day again. I think the biggest factor in losing the 7 pounds was cutting out bread. I have run out of other projects, and plan to spend the next time period making myself my project.
  15. Seven pounds is very good. That's not easy at all. And as you said slow and steady wins the race. I would be thrilled with these results.

    I would be afraid to read what I said about my bags. But I will go back. At that point I thought that one or two Hermes bags would do and I favored a variety of brands. Once I started down the H rabbit hole that was it for me. I think I re homed many of those nonH bags. But my Hermes collection grew more than I expected. Gosh I hope I can stick to my promise about my SO being my last for a while. DH hopes so too.

    Are you going to use a certain backdrop for your photography session? It would make it much easier to remove the background which to me is the worst part. Now that I pared down my wardrobe a bit I could see tackling it. It would probably be a whole weekend project. Let us know how your project goes.
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