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  1. How have you done it? Not eating macarons I suppose.
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  2. I can relate. It reminds me of my bathroom renovation last year. But it looks beautiful now.
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  3. Well there's a sweet tooth in the house. When that night owl gets hungry in the middle of the night anything sweet could be consumed in no time.

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  4. Speaking of the fridge in Europe... this reminded me of the tiny trash can in Paris. We stayed there for two weeks in this very nice condo. The size of the trash can was incredible: it's about one foot tall and about six inch diameter. Running downstairs to throw away garbage then became an activity for my DH and toddler. It could barely hold two diapers. The comment from DH was " well that's typical for Parisians."
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  5. 14 pounds is awesome. How did you do it?
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  6. I had been fat for almost four years since my first pregnancy so I was dying to lose all the baby fat, and now DS2 is close to 18 months. I ran out of excuses.

    Diet was the first thing that I noted down. Cutting down from somewhere around 2000 to roughly 1200 calories a day. And I reduced starch a great deal. For supper I eat very minimum or none of these: bread, rice, pasta or potatoes. Main food for dinner is mostly veggie with some sort of soup, and fruit.

    In addition to diet I started moving more. Thanks to this cafe I have been following Focus T25 routine. And I happened to travel to France with two toddlers lately. That trip helped me lose about 6 pounds, the constant walking and huge effort to take care of two little kids - absolutely worth the trip on this 6 lbs alone.

    I think for me the diet is the most important factor. I gotta watch out for this in the long run which is annoying. Those people who naturally stay lean yet no diet constraints are lucky!!! I am jealous because I actually love to eat.
  7. May I borrow your kids for my next trip?

    Seriously, that's a great achievement
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  8. Congrats. Thanks for words of wisdom. Hope you are enjoying shopping your closet.
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  9. Happy Monday everyone. This week in the garden

    Climbing roses


    Plenty of sage

    One of the dogwoods

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  11. Thank you. One of the neighbors has the same roses planted with Russian sage at their mailbox. That's a lovely combination, very delicate and beautiful.
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  12. Thanks all. It's one step forward, two steps back. One previously installed cabinet is now on the counter and the millwork we ordered for a tiny broom closet (because they mismeasured) looks grossly huge for the space. As in ... it should be 7 inches but there's a full sized door in my kitchen. But hey, ice and cold water in the fridge! I'll take my victories where I can get them! And we are really looking forward to "moving in" and being able to cook, bake (especially bake for me - I love doing it) and invite people over again!
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  13. Wow that sounds stressful.
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  14. Phooey, mistikat. That does seem to be par for the course with most construction. The last time we did anything significant (long time ago) it really felt like every installation had an unintended, negative consequence: put in the stove, electrician blows the kitchen GFI. Install a lighting fixture, the supervisor breaks one of the globes. Put in the kitchen sink, plumber decides to combine two male pipes in the U bend with a fist-sized lump of putty. (Oh, I don't think so. :P) And so on. Renovation/construction is a major pain. But happy to hear you are celebrating the small victories! FRIDGE! BAKING!
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  15. The glass is literally half full, now that they've run plumbing to the fridge! And Mindi, the house is over a hundred years old so we were braced for something. Although the something turned out to be the contractor, which allowed my husband to gleefully repeat, "Told you so! This is my daily life!" LOL.
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