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  1. I'd like to suggest that this topic move into the Cartier jewelry subforum. The Cafe thread was started as a place for more upbeat discussion (I believe its genesis is in the first post should anyone want to know more about the backstory) and as you seem to be having such difficult experiences with retailers you will get more on topic responses in that sub. I am happy to move these there if you wish. I hope you can resolve this to your satisfaction - it's very frustrating to buy a special piece and have issues with the seller.
  2. I adore Judith Martin and often try to think of how she would handle these situations.
  3. Sorry about that, Mistikat. We have such a nice bond in this group that I forget the theme of the thread all of the time and just think of it as my friends thread. Thanks for the reminder :smile:
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  4. I think @Pocketbook Pup should put a down payment on an apartment in Paris instead. Then we can all visit, take her shopping, and keep her cheerful. Only happy memories! :hugs:
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  5. Thanks!
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    So guys yesterday afternoon I had a huge coyote stretched out on my back lawn like it belonged to him! I am now hoping he took a pee break there so the rabbits are frightened off. I had been watering out there about half a hour prior so I was just thrilled that he waited for me to finish before making an appearance. If he wants to move in permanently I would like him to pay a portion of the property tax bill.
  7. We have a heatwave here! It's 30C+ yesterday today and tomorrow! And that's very hot in my country. I don't even own an electric fan!
    Just some random photos of yesterday. Desert at Spanish tapas restaurant, robot made of old radios and Andy Warhol in Tate Morden.
  8. I love the Tate Modern. And the Tate.
  9. Yum, xiangxiang, those desserts look delicious! Heatwave here, too! Cooler inside than out, despite not having air conditioning, so I'm staying put. I just made this fruit smoothie for lunch, too hot for anything else! So good!

  10. That fruit smoothie looks delicious. I just had a huge bowl of chocolate chip mint ice cream, now that I finally have a working refrigerator again. We are renovating our kitchen and it's been three months. Yes. Three. Months. It was supposed to take four weeks and we aren't quire sure why the delays but ... construction. I never thought I'd be sick of eating out but it's happened. We are probably a week away from being able to use the room again. I cannot wait.
  11. I'll trade ya. 100F days here. The shade is fine but the direct sum is a killer. Your beautiful dessert would melt ASAP
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  12. Yikes I was just thinking about this and thought you would be done by now!
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  13. mistikat, GREAT news that this project is drawing to a close! Are you happy with the look you've achieved?
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  14. I wish. They still have to run the gas line to the stove; install the built in microwave, do the trim around windows and doors and thresholds, paint/touch up, install the electrical fixtures (ceiling and under cabinets), put handles on the cabinets and adjust the doors and shelves. I'm sure I'm forgetting something. But the working fridge is a huge help since we've been living out of a bar fridge since March. Reminds me of when I lived in Europe and had a fridge about that size for two years.
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  15. Happy-ish. This is what happens when your husband the architect insists on picking everything. And forgets when he made changes (like swapping out pale sage green cabinets for cream but forgetting to change the tile from white to off white... at least it's still a neutral.) But we went from a really awful gerryrigged kitchen from the 80s to this. So it's a huge improvement. IMG_6455.JPG
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