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  1. :P
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  2. The old room, which was a huge mess because we were emptying it out and just putting stuff on counters, floors and wherever to get it out of the cabinets.
  3. The white and ivory combo is actually pretty. That's a thing now: mixing different tones of the same basic color. It looks very fresh!
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  4. Wow, bar fridge for 3 months! Our fridge died last spring and we had to live out of a mini fridge for a week..I thought that was intolerable! So glad your project is almost finished!
  5. Gorgeous, love everything! Is that a soapstone counter? Our 90s kitchen needs a renovation, but I can't stand the idea of the upheaval!
  6. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers on board:smile:
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  7. My treats today. back to smoothies tomorrow. IMG_1497816678.796325.jpg
  8. Thank you. It's concrete, or a concrete finish, actually. (See above: architect husband - LOL).
  9. I like everything about it--the cabinet faces, the handles, the concreteish counter, the square sink, the faucet, the ivory and white.

    I figure is remodel is a little like being pregnant. You forget the hassle when the joy of the finished product comes.
  10. I also really like the clean lines and simple hardware on the cabinets. It's contemporary but not cold. And is that one 'o' them touch faucets? It's COOL!
  11. Men!! Actually cream and white is tres chic. Easy to add color to your choices and better because you can change whenever you like instead of being locked into something.
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  12. From the store in New York? Does it taste the same?

    They look delicious.
  13. Eagle and all, just a report back on the weight loss: I am about 4 lbs from my goal! Lost about 14 as of today.

    It's sooooo hot here this weekend. It's 103!!! Unusual for this area in California. I am letting myself have ice cream and lots of frozen yogurt today.
  14. Yes from New York. Maybe it's my imagination but not quite as good. Almost.

    Congrats on your weight loss. That's wonderful.
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  15. That's why I asked. I had bought one box in US before and it didn't taste the same at all.

    Thanks! Still trying to work on the remaining few pounds.
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