Hermes Birkin and Kelly Bag FAQ's

  1. Oh? I didn't know that? How does that work if I live & work in Belgium, but have friends in Singapore and Hong Kong?
  2. Hi
    I am new to this thread.. Where do I find information on associating year with datestamp ?
    Like a M in a square which year would it be?
    Thanks ..
  3. Hi,

    You can find information on Hermes date codes at:

    For example, M would correspond with 2009.

    I hope this helps.
  4. Thank you so much!!!:smile:
  5. I have a Vintage Kelly from 1997 (A in a square) and also a Kelly from 2009. Now I have seen that the zipper of my Kelly from 1997 don't have an H at the end of the zipper. The zipper of my other Kelly ends with an small H in Palladium.
    Doesn't have the older Kelly's this small H at the end of the zipper?
    Thank you very much for your help!
  6. Hi All,

    I'm waiting to get my 1st ever target (kelly bag) to be authenticate by TPF. In the meantime, i was browsing around TPF, and i found some interesting facts in that H puts a square after "Hermes-Paris" engraved to GHW bags, however i do find some pictures on eBay and other reseller showing a GHW without the square, does that mean all of those bags are fake?
  7. Mine doesnt have the square after "Hermes-Paris" engraved on the hardware of my GHW B... I got my B from the boutique April 2012 with P stamp

  8. Permabrass doesn't have the gold hallmark. There are some older bags which are also gold metal (Permabrass) which don't have it.
  9. Thanx mistikat for the info :flowers:
    The bag on the picture is Gold Hardware (it says CC on the recepit) stamp P and it doesnt have the square next to Hermes-Paris.. I have 10 years old Kelly with Gold Hardware and it has the square next to Hermes-Paris..
    I dont have any permabrass hardware so i dont know anything about it..
    So thanx again misti.. ;)
  10. Hi,

    Great info thanks guys :biggrin:
  11. Oh my.. I was mistaken.. My GHW Birkin P stamp actually HAS the square beside the Hermes-Paris stamp on the hardware... Also my 10 years old Kelly with GHW.. So sorry Ms_aura.. I didnt look properly last night when i was checking...
  12. HELP!! I've been going to all the HERMES stores in London back and forth but still no luck on Lindy, Kelly and Birkin. Does anyone know what time is the best time to go and which day? Feels like giving up :sad:
  13. March and September is a better bet. My friend just scored a crocodile Kelly in H London 2 months ago and she was offered with 3 options. I called that a jackpot shopping in H!