Hermes Birkin and Kelly Bag FAQ's

  1. It seems to me that the majority of new posters in this forum want information about the Birkin. I have made a list of some helpful threads that answer many of the questions those new to Hermes often ask regarding the Birkin. I know many new people are unfamiliar with the search function so I am hoping we can provide new posters with this link in the initial post and then when they are more comfortable they can search for additional information. I hope this will help and if you can think of any other threads please add them.

    Hermes Knowledge Base:

    Is the Birkin Worth the Money and the wait? Is it obtainable?:

    What is the Birkin I should be looking for? What color and size?

    Do You Prefer Size 30 or 35 Birkin?

    what accompanies a birkin??

    Question about Birkin and Kelly prices - please help!
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    :smile: You wouldn't happen to be able to make one for the Kelly would you?
  3. Yes, actually I can. I will put one together tonight when I get home.
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  7. thank you so much for this:flowers: . I have been tryin to arm myself with knowledge and I did not want to bug you ladies. Could you make this a sticky?
  8. Moving this to the Hermes reference thread. Thanks so much, dianagrace!!
  9. Per Ladystara's request I have created a list of threads answering common questions and providing information about the Kelly Bag.

    Hermes Knowledge Base

    You ladies have done it again, now I want a Kelly!!!

    More Kelly questions...

    Souple vs. Rigide

    Opinions on 28 versus 32 kelly

    What I can fit into my 28cm Kelly & bodyshots

    These links are to two specific posts in the Tuesdays with LaVan thread which show her new 25cm Kelly, LaVan wearing the new Kelly and what fits inside.

    These links are to two specific posts from the Members' Hermes Items thread showing Ninja Sue's mini Kellys and a photo of Ninja Sue wearing one of her mini Kellys
  10. dg - this is SO fab...I have spent all morning re-reading are a doll!!
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