Hermes 2002 Bag... love or hate?

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  1. Has anyone any intel on the clutch version from pre-fall? Colors, price, availability? TIA!
    It looks so nice.
  2. My SA has told me this is a compact 2002 wallet, not really a clutch. Size is similar to a compact Constance wallet.
    No info on pricing yet.
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  3. ^Thank you! :flowers:
  4. That might satisfy my urge for a 2002 bag. Love it!
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  5. Thanks so much for the response. The 26 ended up being too large for me, despite my liking big bags. I ended up getting a Constance 24 and am actually loving it and getting used to the size of the H. I love it more than my Bs and Ks. Thanks again!
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  6. tried the rainbow 2002 26cm (moutarde, rose sakura and rose dragee) the combo but not the size nor the price!

    DSC_5393 (1).jpg DSC_5395 (1).jpg DSC_5396 (1).jpg
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  8. It's £8500.
  9. Hmmm for toile series
  10. Chincac, I would agree on you about the price even though it looks cute on you. What about the 24/24? I saw several in the case behind you? It is so rare in the US and they have yet to make their way fully to the stores. I'm waiting for the 29cm to try on.
  11. Yes plenty of 24/24 here and online too but i am not a fan so didn't pay much attention to them!
  12. I finally gave in to this bag just picked one up in Paris

    The colour gold has sealed the deal for me


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    Price In euros is better than London price
    ... it is €6300 in France for the 20 cm size
    It fits the same amount of stuff I would normally carry in a C24 and is definitely more practical than a c18
    I have also updated the price list in the price master thread
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