Hermes 2002 Bag... love or hate?

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  1. Hi, any thoughts about this new coming shoulder bag? When will it release and will it be the next icon like C? I am interested in the box calf version...
  2. It looks like a cross between a Constance and a Roulis, tbh, both of which I’m obsessed with. I’m still not sure about the buckle, but as far as the shape and the utility of it, It’s a yay from me.
  3. It will depend on size, material and colour for me
    I can see myself wearing a small one as a small cross body if I just need to bring cards keys phones.
    And if it’s easier to combat than the C then I’ll consider!
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  4. I'm very interested to learn more about the 2002.
  5. [​IMG]

    Looks like the 2002 bag was made in 1973!
  6. Bumping this thread to see if anyone has seen this style in boutiques.
  7. So, we've started to see footware and RTW from SS18. Has anyone seen this bag?
  8. I have seen this bag in navy blue being offered to an obviously valued customer on Friday 2 March at FSH ~ ^^

    I was admiring the bag and my SA explained to me that it's called 2002 as this futuristic bag was first introduced in the 70s and at that time 2002 was a distant future......
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  9. i love this design actually , more than a constance!
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  10. What did you think of it? Do you know what leather/hardware?
  11. Sorry I m no expert... the lady was behind me and my SA kept peeking so I turned around twice to see it
    But it s PHW and a smooth leather, and definitely larger than mini Constance
    HTH ^^
  12. Two enthusiastic thumbs down! I do not like it at all :yucky:
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  13. I am obsessed with the Roulis. I was offered one when they first came out and still regret passing on it.
  14. I really like it! would love to get the vintage one, but one of the new versions in toile+leather would do too.
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  15. thought i would put a pic here , saw this photo the other day from vogue website

    i also emailed my store and SA this morning, they did say they would let me know if one comes into the store... so hopefully one would come by , but i am also waiting on a c 24 for this season. And I think i am only allowed this or a constance so it would be a hard decision for me when either bag does come

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