Hermes 2002 Bag... love or hate?

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  1. In action - sort of.... I love the 2002!


    It was cold today

  2. Such a gorgeous bag! The colour is magnificent!
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  3. Awesome color
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  4. Same situation except I have a Cherche Midi and started researching this beautiful bag. They are both definitely under the radar but am wondering if I can justify this bag when I already have 3 Constances; their shapes are similar (to my eyes) except for the clasp. All I can say is the 2002 is growing on me big time.
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  5. I don’t know whether anything justifies H when it comes down to it.... there is just love

    Different color combo, different leather ....those are justifications, right?

    Here are some sample shots from instagram fiona_fiona. I blocked out her face even though she shows her face on instagram


  6. Don't know why
    I still love the Constance more
    More sleek
    Any size of the day
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  7. Haha that’s me don’t worry I have shown these pics already on here

    You are fine :smile:
  8. Hugs! I am going to follow you then!!!!! Nice to see a friend on Instagram.
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  9. Thanks will follow back
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  10. I don’t have a constance so can’t compare size wise. My guess is due to the number of glasses I carry and my huge phone, 18 is too small. 24 sometimes looks bulky? But I wouldn’t kick one out of bed if it showed up, if you know what I mean. It is on my wish list with my SA

    Maybe a good emotional comparison is HAC VS Birkin.... similar, not the same. Both marvelous.
  11. In terms of capacity, I can fit more in my 2002 20 than my C24, though not as much as my Roulis 23
    I think partly because the 2002 bag is expandable (My constance 24 is epsom so quite rigid and C18 is just too small for daily use) Also, 2002 20 is taller in terms of height so some of the stuff can fit vertically! The outside pocket is also quite handy (since the current version of Cs dont have the outside pocket anymore)

    It did take me a while to warm up to 2002, and if you read my earlier post I was more negative on this design.

    I certainly have grown to love the style hence was able to pull the trigger to get one :smile:

    I actually like the 2002 strap now since it has 3 adjustable lengths as opposed to a C or Roulis which has 2. I can wear 2002 20 crossbody same as C24 with no issues.

    Maybe it will grow on you too and one day you will get a 2002 as an alternative to a C or a Roulis
    To me, they are very different bags and love them all!
    All of them are in my rotations
  12. thanks so much for this! and hello azukitea on ig.
    supposed to be a year of no buys or maybe just ONE bag but not H, the prices are astronomical. we shall see hee hee xoxo
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  13. Not trying to make fetch happen (yes I am!), but risked my life (haha) by standing on a stool in the bathroom to take pictures so you can get one more perspective.

    This is a great cross body or shoulder bag. I am 5 1 and this is a 20cm and it is cold where I am.

    Very under the radar, but so many little details like how the clasp works that make it sing quality. I get compliments although people have no idea what she is!


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  14. Such a nice bag with good functionality, this colour suits you perfectly!
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  15. Thank you!!!! I know you love yours too. Hugs!
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