Hermes 2002 Bag... love or hate?

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  1. 2002 in RC and enamel closurre



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  2. just tried the 2002 on again today, and the gris asphalte has changed my mind about the bag! I am loving the colour, the fit and the style of the retro yet modern rounded H closure

    Yes - the lack of options (otherr than shoulder carry) to carry the bag when compared to COnstance / Roulis is still an issue, but at least I can honestly say I am warming up to it

    attached here is a comparison pic so may be helpful to anyone who is considering this bag

    2002 - 20 vs c24

  3. C906D8D0-E644-426C-8066-8B16B6F6AAE9.jpeg
    Rose d’Ete on display at FSH
  4. Thank you very much for this comparison! It is just what I need! :biggrin:
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  5. 1FC015B2-FE76-4158-B53A-A1D18B6ED7FA.jpeg 65035BAB-DE81-47E2-8DDF-51C5676345DC.jpeg
    26 and 20 sizes
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  6. Hard to tell from indoor lighting but what current scarf do you think is a good match to this rose d'ete colour? Something like the pink Boabab Cat 90 or the Travers CSGM in the raspberry/ pink?
    Just thinking...:graucho:
  7. Panoplie Equestre 03 Rose Poudre/Bleu/Jaune :graucho:
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  8. LOL! Thank you! :biggrin:
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  10. Yes there was definitely also Grenat? and Magnolia.
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  11. Apologies, I have not seen those silks myself so I cannot say. It’s a pretty, soft, pastel pink with a touch of salmon.
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  12. Double post
  13. Got a 2002/20 recently and thought would share some thoughts after using the bag a coupe of times .

    It’s very, very easy to use .

    I have c18 and c24 and have no regrets about adding 2002/20 to the mix.

    The strap has 3 holes so can do three lengths
    - short shoulder
    - longer shoulder or short cross body
    - much longer shoulder or good cross body length

    As the strap has a buckle , the strap is quite secure and doesn’t slide like the C strap .

    There are a total of 5 compartments
    - 3 main compartments inside
    - one small zip compartment inside
    - one compartment outside

    The buckle closure is pretty nifty too.

    For those contemplating the 2002 - Have a look at it instore and see what you think .
  14. Thanks for sharing this information
  15. Hi, I personally prefer the look of he 2002 as I've never cared for the giant H on the C. I love the abstract H and the external pocket. I ordered a 26 and will be receiving it next week. After looking at the pictures again, I wonder if the center leather tab that is attached to the clasp insert will get bent and beaten up after long term use. Constances' center tabs are much wider and perhaps more stable. Any thoughts on the 26? The mini C was way too small for me as I like to carry more than I should, which is why I went with the 26.