Help! Best brand for a flat screen TV

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  1. ITA about Costco.Dh bought a Sharp and seems to be happy with it

  2. ITA about Samsung, we just bought a Samsung LCD and we couldnt be happier with the quality.
  3. Mine is Advent. It was a gift, but I know it was from Best Buy. People are always like "Advent? Never heard of it!" but my dad picked it out and he's knowledgeable about electronics. The picture is just as good as my bf's Sony, which was a zillion times more expensive. I can't tell you anything technical about either of the tv's though. I don't know anything about that stuff :shame:
  4. Another fan of Samsung here. DH just bought a 40" 1080p 120H LCD for his cave (haha) and it is amazing. We're going to buy another Samsung for our living room, probably 46". My parents just bought a 40" Samsung LCD too.

    I'd stay away from plasma, the technology is being phased out completely for LCD.
  5. I've worked in consumer electronics for the past 3 years, so I've seen my share of TVs come and go, so here's what I think based on what you've told us.

    You're probably looking at an LCD. At those sizes, LCDs are going to give you a lot more choices because plasmas are hard to manufacture in smaller sizes, so you usually see them in the mid 40s-60s. They certainly exist smaller, but not in as great of numbers. I personally like the plasma's picture better because you get a better deep black and because they have faster video processors, but at a certain point it's just nitpicking personal preference, ya know? My favorite TVs of all are DLPs, which aren't true flat panels, but I like to be different ;)

    Sonys are supposed to be the best LCDs on the mass consumer market, but I've never been allll that impressed with them, and to a certain extent, you buy a name when you buy a Sony because they ARE marked up because of brand recognition. As for the other brands mentioned in this thread...

    Samsung - definitely my favorite brand, I have a 50" DLP in my living room and a 20" LCD in my bedroom and would definitely stay brand-loyal to Samsung in the future. They make both LCDs and plasmas (unlike Sony, who make only LCDs and Pioneer, who make only plasmas) and I've never seen a Samsung that wasn't bright and clear as far as picture quality goes. Their exterior design is also very clean and modern, which I prefer to the 8 tons of grey plastic that Sony likes to put around their tvs.

    Sharp - their TVs are massively underrated, i don't know why they're not talked about more often. Our store has never had service or return issues with them, they're the kind of TV that "stays sold." Their pictures are very crisp and bright, and I don't think I've ever seen one that looked bad. If I had to stray from Samsung, I'd go Sharp for an LCD.

    Vizio and LG - I'm not a fan of either of these brands, although LG is starting to step their game up a bit. Most of the time when I see them, even if they're 1080p, they don't look as clear as my 720p DLP. In my opinion, their deep blacks usually don't look as good as some of the other brands and and although both are usually a little less expensive than the other brands, if you're going to spend that much money on a tv in the first place, spend the extra hundred or two hundred bucks and upgrade to another brand.

    Another thing I would recommend is that you don't take the advice of things like Consumer Reports as the gospel truth, because although they're sometimes accurate, other times what they recommend is the exact opposite of the reality that I encounter everyday while interacting with customers and getting feedback with their experiences in their home with the product. For example, last year they recommended an Insignia tv very highly, when I know for a fact that those tvs are returned often and customers are often dissatisfied with their picture quality and performance.

    Also, the adage "you get what you pay for" doesn't always hold true, but flat panel tvs are NOT cheap to manufacture or ship, and the types of components they use and the type of manufacturing practices they employ may very well be reflected in the price of the tv. if a manufacturer can wholesale a 46" LCD cheap enough that stores can carry it for a bargain price, the corners are getting cut somewhere, kwim? you have to decide whether or not the deal (and the gamble it entails) are worth it to you.

    ultimately, just go and look at the tvs! more often than not, you'll find a picture you just can't stop looking at. regardless of what brand it is, THAT is the tv you should get.
  6. *drools* the 120H Samsungs are BEAUTIFUL. I sold a 46" one to a customer last week and I was so happy for him. It always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when someone chooses to buy something that I KNOW they're going to love.
  7. I have a phillips lcd... and it has amazing picture and its a great tv
  8. Same exact with husband researched these forever and we bought the Vizio from Costco also! We've had it for one year now and the picture is so sharp and beautiful. The price is great and you can't go wrong with the Vizio!
  9. I have a 56 inch Sharp Aquos and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!
  10. Thank you all for your input!!! But Amanda, wow!! You are awesome!:woohoo:I had so much fun reading what you wrote. I have actually been looking at either the Samsung or the Sharp Aquos. Oh and yes to lmk, both my hubby and I are into gaming so was thinking LCD was the way to go too. :tup:
    Again Amanda, you are right. I was thinking that I have to go to the store and sit (or stand) in front of the tvs to see them IRL and what the colors actually look like. Thank you again for all your help!!!
  11. we wanted to buy the samsung because at that time - fall 2007- there was a buy a 46 screen and get a 20 or something that size - don't remember - lcd free! that would have been perfect for one of the college age sons... but they were out of stock so we bought the sony. i like sony and prefer it actually: problem free so far..
  12. I'm a personal fan of Sony, but, I'm biased...I work there! With that being said, their new XBR and W series TVs are coming out in June. So, if you're looking at an XBR 4 or 5, you might want to wait to see if the prices come down. One thing to look at too, service plans. I used to work for Best Buy and their service plans are almost double than ours at our own store ( AND I know costco has warranties already added on to their TVs. If you're going to pay a lot of a TV, I would make sure you have some type of plan to back it up in case anything goes wrong with it. Also, I'd go with 1080p. If you're getting a 46 inch TV to get 720 (to me at least) is just a waste of money. It's not worth it, the picutre isn't as good. I'd go straiht for 1080p so that you can have the best picture. And, make sure to get an HDMI cable for whatever components that you are going to be hooking up to the TV. Even if you're not ready to go Blu-Ray yet, most DVD players will upconvert to 1080 with an HDMI cable. So, you can get a similar picture to Blu-Ray. In my personal opinion, besides Sony, I'd go with Samsung or Sharp. When I worked at Best Buy, I always noticed that these 3 brands had the best picture for the size. Meaning that if there were 5 different 46 inch TVs of different brands, these three always looked the best. GL and have fun shopping! I love helping people out with TVs, it's such an investment, but, I also know that the people who buy them will love them! :smile:
  13. we have a samsung lcd 46" and a Lg 47" Lcd

    both are fabulous, we got great prices at Bestbuy (watch their ads..prices can really fluxuate)
  14. We have a 50" Panasonic in the bedroom and a Westinghouse in the living room. Westinghouse isn't good, I want to replace it.

    I love our Panasonic. Some people are turned off because it doesn't have speakers. It's a display tv and is all about picture-which is fantastic.
  15. go with LCD and Sharp, Sony, Panasonic are they way to go. If you want a good price look at costco because you can return it after 3 months for buyer remorse. I got a great deal for my Panasonic 42' for like $1200 I got a coupon from the manufacturer for $300. Good Luck!