Help! Best brand for a flat screen TV

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  1. We have 3 LCDs in the house, 2 Sony (46 W series and 52 XBR 6) and Vizio 26' for our bedroom. That said, I personally like Sony and Samsung (though I don't have Samsung) and third is the Vizio.
  2. Husband did tons of research before buying a flat screen. In the end he went with a 52 inch LG LCD and the quality is just amazing!!!!! We are hoping to get another one for our bedroom, but much smaller of course!!
  3. A group of us (5 people) all have Samsungs (different sizes) and couldn't be happier. I love my TV. It's great! :tup:
  4. I would tie SONY with VIZIO for overall quality of image, but SONY in my opinion is waaaay more reliable. I would follow this with Sharp who currently has the market on small-midrange LCD t.v.s at the moment and Samsung. For further information check out:

    I pride myself thanks to my brother on being an extremely infomed consumer when it comes to electronics. Particularly because T.V's this size are such an investment, like buying an Hermes (for me anyway). No matter what you do though the best advice I can give you is to get a warranty that provides you with in house repair because if something happens to the T.V. it will be nearly impossible to move it out of the house not to mention the hassle of doing so. Good luck!

  5. Sony and Samsung are my picks