Help! Best brand for a flat screen TV

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am looking to buy a new flat screen tv for my hubby for his birthday next month. I've been doing some research on LCD vs Plasma and am thinking that LCD is the way to go. But there are so many different makes out there, how do you know which one is the best??? I am looking at either a 42in or 46in and don't want to spend too too much on it. (under $2 preferable)
    Would love to hear all suggestions. Thanks!!
  2. for LCD i believe sharp and sony are the best in terms of quality. also it depends on whether or not you want 720p or 1080p.

    i actually have a 50" plasma by panasonic. its a 720p and last time i was at costco it was only $1500.
  3. My husband did a LOT of research on these. He has always been a sony man, but Vizio by far was the best and we went and bought one at COSTCO. It is awesome.

    Everyone has difference of opinions, it just comes down to your taste.

    Check out Vizio - it has been in pc world magazine, consumer reports etc., they gave this brand very high marks compared to the higher end brands.
  4. Caley, I heard that Sharp Aquos was one of the best. And of course Sony, my dad swears by them. I'm thinking 1080p. I was originally thinking Plasma but heard that they are best for dark rooms.

    Abbygirl, I will look for Vizio. Are you in Canada? Because I've never heard of this brand and can't remember ever seeing it at the Costco here.
  5. sharp aquos are amazing TVs. during my trip to tokyo last year we stayed at the madarin oriental and there was a 46" (i believe) sharp in the room. the HD programming looked absolutely amazing.
  6. We have a couple of Sharp LCD's and our son does too. They're awesome!
  7. We bought our first one last year and did a lot of research and settled on a Sony XBR one. It was between that and a Sharp, I think either is a great choice! Ultimately, we went armed with information, but made the final decision with what we saw as the better picture. Might be worth checking out Consumer Reports for their most recent reviews too.
  8. I don't know which is the BEST, but we got a 42" Vizio LCD from Costo for under $1K (with coupon) and it's great!
  9. Hubby has an LG LCD TV at his office and the picture quality is AMAZING!!

    I'm not really a fan of plasma
  10. For the price you want to pay, I would look at Costco. Costco buys the best (of everything) for the price point.
  11. Thank you everyone for your help!!!
  12. I would definatley go to costco. I want to say that they had a 1080p Panasonic 42" plasma for $1199 last time i was there. Dh and I buy all of our TV's there now. This year we bought a 58" Panasonic Plasma 720p for $1800 and last year a 50" panasonic plasma for $1500. With them you get a free extended warranty too. I think it's 3 yrs.
  13. Arireyes, really??? Those prices are unbelievable!!!! Oh Costco here I come, LOL!!:yahoo:
  14. Just my 2 cents...Is anyone in your family into gaming, if they are go with an LCD, with a plasma you run the risk of having an image burn into the screen, you won't get that with an LCD. If it's going in a room with a lot of windows again go with an LCD because it typically won't have as much of a glare (plasma screens have a glass cover on the screen). A plasma screen gives you a "truer" black and is also known for having a great viewing angle from all sides, Lcds have a limited viewing angle from the sides. Of course you have to take in to consideration whether you want to run 720p, 1080i or 1080p. Those are just a few basic things when looking for a tv.

    Now my 2 cents on brands...I am NOT a fan of Sony by any means, they made excellent tube tvs but they are not the best when it comes to flat panel tvs (I feel you are buying their name). If you are looking for an lcd Sharp and Samsung are two excellent choices, Sony actually uses a lot of Samsung parts in their own tvs (which is part of why I don't see the point in buying a sony, you are just paying more for their name). If you prefer a plasma Pioneer and Panasonic a two really good choices.
  15. we bought a 46 sony bravia 1080p last September. love it! $800 cheaper at frye's than at best buy. we never looked at costco tho...and it's an LCD too because the family room is full of windows... i also heard sharp lcd's are good too - my friend just bought one.....same size as our sony...