Help! Best brand for a flat screen TV

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  1. I love lg 42 LCD and its under 1000 and I get compliments all the time!
    One of our friends spent 4k on theirs and they love ours instead. Best Buy has the best sales.
  2. Samsung is by far the best in my opinion! Sharp Aquos is good though too. If you want to spend the money Sony XBR series is a really good way to go too. But, go in Best Buy or Circuit City and see them head-to-head, and make your decision!
  3. we just go a sony bravia and it is amazing
  4. I would like to buy a TV that I can use as a computer monitor at the same time. Please help! Thanks.
  5. ^^Any tv that has a vga or dvi input can be used as a computer monitor.
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    I have 2 LCD TVs...

    The one in the living room is a 46" Samsung, 1080p. Bought it 2-3 months ago from Sears, on sale for $1400.

    The one in the bedroom is a 32" Sharp Aquos, 1080p. Bought it about a year ago from ABC Warehouse, on sale for $900.

    Before the 46" Samsung, I had a 42" DLP Samsung, but replaced it because it was only 720p and hubby needed a new one for the man cave. We were going to put the 46" in the man cave, but decided it was too nice to hide the old one is in the basement and the new one is upstairs :smile:

    I highly recommend BOTH brands, Samsung and Sharp Aquos. I have found that the Sharp Aquos' tend to be a bit higher in price.
  7. Definitely check out Costco!! They usually have specials on certain flat screens--look online and then go to the store and see what they have. DH and I recently bought a 52" Plasma (Panasonic) for $1399.
  8. Samsung for sure!!
  9. my bf just got us a 50" panasonic from J&R and he's obsessed
  10. DH was just saying that samsung is best rated, but break down more often and have poorer tech support and customer service (like you have to mail them the tv). Panasonic is close second and they break down less often and will send out a tech to your house to fix it.

    We are fixing to buy a 50" Panasonic in the next few weeks.
  11. HP is pretty good!
  12. We have 4 Vizio's in our house
  13. I read an article a while back ago (sorry don't have the link) but it said the best flat screens were: Sony, Sharp and Panasonic. When I start shopping for one it will be one of those three.
  14. I have a Samsung LCD TV and I love it!
  15. Like Amanda said, I've heard the best thing to do is go in person and just look to see which TV looks the best in terms of the picture. I've heard with Sony's you're just paying for the brand. There's TVs that have just as good of quality at a lot less.