Haul of 3 Chanel trips over the past 1,5 months @ Rue Cambon - picture heavy

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  1. So, last year marks the start of my Chanel addiction. This year marks the growing of my collection; also thanks to my so supportive hubby who always comes along and tries his best to understand my crazy obsession with the brand.

    The last 1,5 months I've been twice to Paris and twice to the Rue Cambon Store. One stop in between to my local boutique because one of the items I bought had a flaw and needed to be exchanged. I've gone a bit crazy imo and think I will be on ban island for the rest of the year, maybe even longer (hope not!!) :angel:

    Is anybody here ready for a reveal with many pictures? Am I the only one who takes +100 pictures coming home form the boutique? It al begins with the beautiful packaging, and gets even better when you open the carrier bags and boxes ...
  2. Ooh I'm in the front row-ready and waiting!
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  3. Me too!!!
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  4. Hi there rakhee81, looks like it's just the two of us for now.

    Let's start with some Rue Cambon atmosphere :biggrin:

    Collage_Chanel intro.jpg 1. It get's busy @ Rue Cambon. The first time I went straight after opening and was helped almost immediately. The second time I had to wait a bit longer. This is when this picture was taken. I had the nicest SA, who took her time and wasn't pushy. She even went to look into the unopened stock to successfully (yeay!! :nuts:) find one of the items on my wishlist.
    2. Those lovely stairs leading up to the former apartment of Coco herself. Notice the little heart that you can detect in the mirror?
    3. Chanel goodies in their beautiful white signature Rue Cambon packaging, swoon
  5. Hi there suhanaharith :wave:
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  6. Okay, so here we go with the shopping.

    My fist visit I ended up with 4 boxes, one big box; you all know what that means, right :happydance:

    SAM_0672 kopie.jpg Collage_chanel 1.jpg
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  7. Also waiting!
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  8. Opening the boxes ...
    First up is the handbag I had to return because of a flaw on the base of the bag, so no reveal of this beauty just yet :smile:
    Collage_chanel 2.jpg Then the item the SA went into the unopened stock for me, I fist saw it here in the PF and knew it had to be mine; I was so happy she found me this wallet. I can use it as a clutch as well, it fit's my iphone 6plus inside (genius!!).

    Collage_chanel 4.jpg
    Also I found these beauties ... . They're in a muted gold colour, which I find perfect because I can combine them with different HWs.

    Collage_chanel 3.jpg
  9. Here :smile:
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  10. Love the wallet and gorgeous earrings! The brooch is stunning.
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  11. I LOVE that chevron wallet! Can't wait for the rest!
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  12. So when opening the boxes @ home, I noticed a flaw on my bag. I contacted the SA in Paris and she sent a replacement bag to my local boutique. Off course I couldn't just get the bag, right :biggrin:


    So here she is, my beautiful reissue 227 :nuts:


    And my other goodies :heart:

  13. Wow...that reissue is absolutely gorgeous! And love the black and gold brooch too! Impeccable taste!
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  14. After an unpleasant experience @ my local boutique and me still wanting another bag, my hubby suggested to book another stay in Paris. Of course I couldn't say no :P. So we went again. I arranged to see my SA again, and again she was so helpful even though the boutique was packed with people.

    I ended up with another two carrier bags ...

    Here are the beautiful boxes once again ...

    Here we go opening the big box ...


    Any guesses?
    It's my dark blue/navy reissue 226 with GHW :heart:


    I love the look of this bag with a simple denim jacket, even though it has GHW, it can be dressed down imo.

    I also got the reissue BHW card holder.

    And scored these earrings in the sale section


    Mission accomplished!!! I'm over the moon with all of my purchases. I'd never expected to love the reissues as much as I love them now. I'm going to enjoy my purchases for now and will happily sail to ban island.
  15. Thank you steffysstyle!! That brooch hasn't left my denim jacket since I bought it. It's such a nice accessory.

    Thank you dear rakhee81. There's more chevron coming :smile:. I also love the wallet, so happy to have found this gem!

    Hihi, you just made me blush :blush:.