handbags purchased since joining this forum

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  1. Just wondering how this forum catapulted you to new heights of handbag shopping. I got my first Chanel after joining this group, thanks to my husband who took pity of my incessant "drooling" over your beautiful handbag collection. Got a feeling this is a beginning of many more handbags to come.:idea: Have to stick to my budget though.
  2. I have a feeling that if I stick around that the obsession will be nurtured! I must proceed with caution.:biggrin:
  3. too many!
  4. It's actually had the opposite effect on me...I feel like I'm living vicariously through everyone else!
  5. only two bags, i am getting ready to buy my third though. my good friend loves bags too, and fortunate for me... she is always there to talk some sense to me. overall, i am doing really well (knocking on wood because it is tempting, ha!ha!)
  6. Since ive joined this forum, ive indulged in a paddington and a fendi sppy hobo...both of them in the last 2 months....i swear im done for the year..... i swear.....
  7. yeap! Because I learned so much about new brands and sytles that my addiction gets worse. But I just bought one since joining or may be two.
  8. Yes. This forum is a total 'enabler'. But... in a good way!
  9. Since joining, I've bought three bags and one wallet. But I only had four bags to start with anyways.

    And I don't have anything terribly expensive, everything I own is under $1000 USD...I hope that's to change soon! ;)

    So, this board has definitely influenced me, but not an extreme amount.
  10. I've learned about so many different bags and designers because of this forum, so it has been a bit enabling :shame: I've bought an LV bag and agenda, paddington and balenciaga. I've also received an LV wallet and Speedy 25 as gifts.
  11. 3 since joining...
  12. 3 paddies, 6 different styles of the Tokidoki, 1 BV, 1 Balenciaga and the perforated vuitton (speedy and pochette)...

    I LOVE this forum.. It keeps me up to date about the new up coming bags, despite my erratic busy schedule.
  13. I am the sickest of them all but I started with a few coach bags. I have bought 2 paddies, 2 chanel (one used) one balenciaga but getting ready to buy 2 more. 4 mulberrys, 1 botkier, 2 isabellas, 5 LV (all used) and the gaucho tote is on the way. I am done. I have done all this over the internet so if I ever go to shopping paradise I will probably be beside myself but won't be able to buy anything else. I just buy what everyone here talks about and then I love it. It is usually site unseen. My biggest surprise is how much I love LV and before this forum I hated it. It is totally bomb proof and that is my kind of bag. I am actually going to the city (portland) today and had to decide which of my bags to take out in public. I'm going with the ink balenciaga. I love it.
  14. 3 since joining: an Andrea Brueckner saddle, a Hayden Harnett black Tokyo clutch and a Mulberry Roxanne in oak. I love them all but I "gotta get a grip" It's just so fascinating to collect these bags!!
  15. I originally planned on just getting a Fendi B.bag for spring. But since "discovering" the forum, I've purchased AND kept a MJ patent hobo, Coach hobo (outlet deal), and an LV cerise sac plat. And I think I'm going to pass on the B.bag and get a YSL Mombasa.

    The only bag that I probably wouldn't have purchased if it wasn't for this forum is the sac plat. I didn't realize how much I wanted the cerise until I kept seeing photos :P So it's not that evil here.... ;)