handbags purchased since joining this forum

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  1. Since joining this forum, I think I average about 1 bag per month! :lol: Since last Oct, I bought 1 Tod's, some Coach accessories, 2 Burberry, 1 B-bag, and 3 LVs but I got some as gifts though. I'm unstoppable... :blink:
  2. 3 - one for each week since I've joined! :wacko:
    (LV Speedy 25, Hayden Harnett Mercer Satchel, and Kooba Sienna)...I must stop now because it's birthday season coming up for my family and I won't have any money to buy gifts! :cry:
  3. I've goten the following: Botkier Stirrup, LV Batignolles, Kooba Sienna, Botkier Trigger, Banana Republic Tanigers and 3 Coach wallets and an Issac Mizzarhi straw clutch.
  4. I have gone overboard. When joining this forum, I had just bought my fendi spy. Since then, I have bought the red gaucho tote, the ink city balenciaga, the black muse, a chocolate chloe dr. bag and am waitlisted for the edith chamois and the large leather Prada frame bag in white. I love bags! Unfortunately, my taste has gotten more expensive!
  5. Georgiegirl, I feel the same way!:biggrin:
    I was comfortable buying bags in the $300 price range before this forum (and I thought that was a lot back then)! Now, I'm lucky to limit myself to anything under $1000!!! I've got my eye on a Balenciaga now, as well as anything by BV.
  6. I have bought 0 since joining the forum. Dh and I have been pinching out pennies so when can buy a house. I would love to get a speedy 25 in the future. But this forum has raised my handbag standards quite a bit.
  7. So I Join after I Pre ordered the Fendi B Bag. I was just googling lookinf for more info and found this wonderful site. I just recently put myself on a waiting list for Celine Clandestine Bag. As soon as I get the 2 new bags I will take a picture of my collection of the few bags I own.
    Can't say enough about this site!!! Vlad & Meg thank you!!!
  8. I feel so guilty...
  9. -lv onatah pm
    -lv epi red jasmin
    -lv epi red french purse
    -br kempton small sholder bag
    -hayden harnett mercer satchel

    i joined 3 weeks ago? this is bad bad bad....
  10. :biggrin:
  11. None yet...isn't that sad!
  12. none yet, except for a kenneth cole satchel. but i think it's because im on a strict budget until i get a job!
  13. -LV Batignolles Horizonal, Speedy 30, Petit Bucket
    -Chloé Chocolate Paddington
    -Marc Jacobs Sophia in both black and white
    -Hayden-Harnett Mercer satchel in Luggage and Chalk

    Geez, no wonder I'm broke!!!
  14. Well, when I joined I had one sort-of designer bag (DKNY). Now I have a Speedy 30 and Balenciaga City. Doesn't sound like much, but on my budget its insane! :wacko:
  15. Well I just bid on an Hermes agenda since I joined less than a week ago; January and February I've been on a purse marathon which I would say was influenced by TFS which in turn led me here -- the sad part is since my kelly purchase I need to be DONE for a few months! However, the love and passion is there and still have several new bags waiting to come out of the closet (literally LOL!);

    pale rose Balenciaga box
    MJ pocket bag in white
    LV Houston in this cool salmon color
    my new Kelly in wine (though it's called something else):love: