handbags purchased since joining this forum

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  1. Gosh too many! I need to stop too and be like Suli - live vicariously through everyone else!
  2. Addicted--no more purses for you! :P
  3. I KNOW!!! I just can't stop!:sad2:
  4. This forum has fueled my addiction but I LOVE it:love: !!! I have been a memeber for almost 3 weeks and have bought a Kooba sienna,GD charlotte,chloe edith(NM preorder),Chanel 2.55 and I am on a wait list for a gaucho tote and have a YSL Muse on hold until sat! Oh almost forgot- bought a farrah furla but sent it back because I didn't like it on me IRL. I also have a wish list which consists of a BV hobo, gucci hobo,damier speedy,lv horizontal batignolles and b-citty bag!! I need an intervention:lol:
  5. Where did you buy your GD Charlotte?? Is it as soft as it looks?
  6. The only thing that this forum may have influenced my shopping a bit is that it made me appreciate LV. I don't even remember why I didn't like LV earlier!
  7. since joining this forum, i've just only bought 2 bags (my 2 beautiful b-bags) and there will be more to come.....
  8. Since joining this forum i've only purchased one purse (lv batignolles horizontal). I'm planning on purchasing the wapity next week from my girlfriend whos going to hawaii.
  9. I don't want to think about the answer to this question!! but in the meantime, I am definitely having too much fun!
  10. Thank goodness I am not the only one! I have bought two since joining - Chloe Paddington light blue and pre-order of the Edith. I basically joined to try to identify two bags (one of them being the Edith) and you guys have been AMAZINGLY helpful with locating bags for those of us who have no shopping close by!

    PGN, sorry to hear you didn't like your Farrah. :sad: I got the white one and I love it!

    I am hoping to NOT buy any more bags until at LEAST fall. :smile:
  11. I'm still waiting for it to arrive:biggrin: I haven't seen IRL so I'll let you know. I bought it from BG in NYC. They only have black in stock.
  12. I liked the farrah-it just didn't look right on me:sad: So I figured with all of my bag shopping if I'm not head over heels--back it goes! Wish I wouldn't buy any more bags until fall:lol: Ain't happening!! I'm going shopping this weekend-I have a YSL muse on hold....I really need to stop-I will choke when this mc bill comes in:smile:
  13. Well, it's only been two months, but since then I have acquired the LV Sologne in black the black MC wallet, the LV Baggy PM and I've ordered an LV Perfo bag.
  14. Holy Wow!!!!:amazed:
    I thought I was doing pretty good with my 2 Belinciaga purchases. Completely impressed, and of course a tad bid envious. Lucky Girl!;)
  15. i've only been a member for less than a week.. but i just bought the Isabella Fiore large bronze 'whip flash' studded hobo and it came today and i am in bag love! haha it's so big and soft and the color is so perfect :smile: