handbags purchased since joining this forum

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  1. 3 total....2 in transit due next week:
    Chloe whiskey paddington satchel
    Louis Vuitton green perforated speedy
    Balenciaga cornflower blue twiggy..............I'm dunzo!!!!!!!!
  2. An LV Petite MC Noe, MC Koala wallet, a BR Hobo, and MJ Stam and a Bottega bag- in 2 months!! But, I have sold some bags and wallets on Ebay to help pay for them....
  3. my handbag collection was huge b-4 i found this forum, but since I joined a few months back i have purchased: CHANEL Tote, LV, 2 Marc Jocobs, 3 Isabella Fiores, Fiore wallet, ummmm thats what comes to mind at the moment, now if i can just get my greedy little hands on the Be&D hobo & a couple of I.Fiore handbags i promise i will be a good little girl and chill out for a while!!!!!
    Oh........Has anyone ever done business w/ BAG, BARROW OR STEAL. COM?????? JUST CURIOUS, It sounds like a great idea, don't know if its for me thou...........Would love to hear your experience!
  4. OH Yeah, most of all I want the brand new Burberry hobo w/ gold chain. It's limited, and don't know what they call it, but i almost bought it at SouthCoast Plaza in Newport Bch, California. They only had 1 at the time, i ended up getting something else only wishing now I had gotten it in the first place. Its about 1600-1700.00. If anyone can tell me where they have seen one, let me know 'cause i will buy that puppy in a heartbeat. I keep checking out Burberry web(They have it shown at the beginning of the intro, but no selling info. and the sales lady says its limited and they only get 1 in occasionally. it has chocolate brown leather shoulder strap and along top & bottom of bag w/ gold chain looped along the top of bag. Its large too. I want it now...........HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. guilty
  6. 4 since i started in november. so i guess less than one per month! hahah.
  7. 2 LV's, one perfo speedy that arrived 10 days ago....the other one (a croissant) should arrive next next week.:love:
  8. 2 Chloe paddys and 2 b bags...no more bags for me for a while!
  9. Ummm...my entire collection posted here? All found on sale and all mid to low range designers. But ya, my designer for a single special bag combined with my great love for all things purse led to major fun shopping and the creation of my collection, which is low key by many standards but very fun and functional for me. AND I got accessories to organize my bag, which is most exciting since ALL my purse carrying is now neat and changing is easy.
  10. Handbags? - A Burberry novacheck tote, MbyMJ softy satchel, and a YSL volcano easy bag which I :heart::heart::heart:!

    I got fantastic deals on these bags courtesy of you gals! Thanks!
  11. Since I joined tpf last January, I've bought the following:

    2 BV bags
    1 Ferragamo bag
    1 BV wallet
    1 Ferragamo wallet
    1 BV accessory

    Fortunately, most of the items were on sale. :yes:

    However, I've also "discovered" YSL, Balenciaga, Tod's, Lanvin, etc. through tpf....but I'm on a purse ban until the summer sales begin!