Gucci Princetown Mules (with and without fur) -does anyone have?

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  1. I love my Princetowns with fur. Unfortunately I don’t get to wear them nearly as much as I would like due to the weather. I have a blue velvet pair and a pair with the embroidered rose. I have a pair of the black Jordaans and pink Brixtons and am kind of wondering if I made a mistake, as I am such a fan of the Princetown style and hardly ever wear loafers with full backs.
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  2. Jordaans was my favorite until I purchased the Princetowns with the fur... Now I rarely wear the Jordaans… glad I didn't follow my original thought and bought every color and every exotic skins in the Jordaans... I just got the black and a red pair. Jordaans are still relevant, but my Princetowns with the fur are the new me now !
  3. Oh yes I have used the shoes for around 10 times now, and the damage of the tip of toe is very bad and little bit damage to the leather top:sad: Should I take the pairs to resole now? And are they felt very different after you resole yours? You resole the rubber material sole or leather sole?
    Thank you !!!!
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  4. I have the python Princetowns with fur. I love them so much I want to get a second pair so I don’t wear out the python one. Any thoughts regarding the gg green and pink velvet vs blue velvet. I have yet to see either in person [​IMG][​IMG]
  5. Yes, immediately! I resole with the typical rubber soles. It looks the same, just fine, noone will see the difference, but of course you are not walking on leather. (my mother always claimed that you should never resole pumps as it is 'unelegant'. But this are loafers anyway :P)
  6. I really like the green ones but the blue are more practical. I’m not necessarily one for practical (I have the pair with the crystal bows), and given your python ones - you might not be either. Just worth mentioning! Both beautiful
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  7. You are correct. I’m not one for practical:smile:. The crystal bows are fabulous! Agreed they are both beautiful. Hard to decide!
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  8. So I caved and bought the black with fur ‍♀️ so I have my black without and with. Does one need two black mules?? Lol
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  9. Yes of course! I have plain black, black w and fur, brown velvet w fur, and canvas w fur! They are simply the best most comfy shoe everrrrr!
  10. My fiancé just doesn’t get it lol he can’t understand why I love the fur
  11. Oh my husband rolls his eyes on many of my fashion choices. We cannot expect them to understand them all
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    I just bought a pair in black leather and I love them! However, I’ve noticed that the bottom of my foot seems to stick to the leather when I walk and makes a peeling sound that’s kind of annoying. Anyone else have this issue? Do you think it’s just because I haven’t broken them in yet maybe? I’m a little self-conscious about the sound when walking around my quiet workplace at times
  13. Yes both my fur and non fur pair do that on only one foot and it’s annoying
  14. Hey mule lovers,
    Has anyone heard of
    Gucci doing fake fur for their mules from now on? Or is this old news? When I was talking to a Nordstrom shoe associate, they said that Gucci will now be making fake fur mules and not real fur. Has this already happened?

    Also, any advice on sizing?
    I wear Gucci aces in 37.5
    Jordaans in 37.5 (probably could do 38)
    Should I get 38 or 38.5 for the Princetowns?

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  15. I haven’t heard that they are replacing the lambs wool. I know I heard with the actual fur items all the major fashion houses were going to stop adding it but wool not sure.
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