Gucci Princetown Mules (with and without fur) -does anyone have?

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  1. I have just received the Gucci Princetown Mules (plain - without the fur) and they feel great, but they seem so long! Gucci shoes always seem so long in the vamp, but my foot is not all the way toward the front (of the toe) as in other mules. Is this just how they fit or should I size down? I normally wear a US 9, a European 39.5 and a French 40. I bought a 39.5 - just like my Jenni Kayne mules. Thanks!
  2. If you don't like the look of the long vamp you should take the smallest size you can wear with your heel at the end of the shoe but not spilling over. That may be the size you have now.
    I don't have the Princetown mule but I have the slingback loafer in leather. I've talked to my local Gucci store about the canvas Princetown Tian slipper :heart: and been advised that they fit the same as the leather slingback. It certainly looks like the same cut and shape with a particularly elongated toe. I went down half a size from my usual Gucci size in the leather and if I buy the Princetown slipper/mule I'll buy that same size. My toes have room at the top of the shoe so I think it's the way they're meant to be, but my forefoot is a bit wide so maybe it's my feet.
    Personally I love the look of the long vamp but I know it's not for everyone :smile:


  3. Love your slingback loafer!! I don't mind the long vamp, but am concerned that I have two much room in front of my toes - there's at least an inch or more. Is this typical? Will they stretch out?

    Thank you!
  4. I don't know if they'll stretch out - are yours canvas or leather?
    From memory I have a bit less than an inch in front of my toes so quite a bit more empty space than in most of my closed toe shoes.
    Do you have any space at the back of your heel right now, while the shoes are brand new and unworn? If so I recommend you size down.

  5. They are leather. My heel fits perfectly right now, which is why I'm reluctant to size down.

    Thanks for indulging my questions. For me this is an expensive mistake if I don't get them right!
  6. I have the Jordaan and Brixton loafers (with the foldable back) and will probably get a Princetown mule as well. I love these shoes - sooo comfy!

    As for the fit, it seemed long initially but my eyes got used to to the look pretty quickly. There is definitely room (length) past the toes, but I can't size down because the top of my feet (the metatarsals) is pretty high and Gucci's vamp is pretty low. If I didn't have this particular fit issue I would consider a half size smaller because the leather is very soft; it will stretch.

  7. Thank you! Your foot sounds like mine. I'm told I have a high instep. I've also recently heard "high volume foot." Who knew? I haven't tried the smaller size yet, but doubt I can size down. I'm dying to wear them - but they are so beautifully made I seriously can't bear the thought of scuffing those gorgeous soles! Ha - I'm a nut.

    Do all the Brixton's fold down? Do you wear them that way?

    Thanks for your feedback!
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  8. Instep! That's the word I was looking for!

    All Brixtons fold down. I actually wear them the normal way most of the time, but when I'm at my desk or padding around the office, I wear them like slippers with the back folded down.

    Wear the shoes! Once you spend a day with them, you'll be hooked ;) They're that comfortable.
  9. When I spoke to Gucci about the Princetown mules they said they felt the size was much more flexible in this style than in others, obviously due to the open back.

    For your own peace of mind it would be ideal if you could try the size 39 to see if they fit, but the fit of your shoes sounds about right. My leather sling backs haven't stretched out enough (yet?) to change the fit - my heel is still right at the back of the shoe despite the soft leather softening even more. This might be because of my wider forefoot, and it would probably be a similar result for a 'high volume' foot.
    So long as you can embrace the longer vamp :cool: the worst that will happen with softening leather is that your foot will move forward a little and you'll have a bit of space at the heel... :smile:

    Enjoy your beautiful shoes!
  10. I have the Jordaan and Brixton loafers too :heart::heart:

    As a general FYI and size reference for current styles I wear :

    Long vamped slingback 37
    New Power loafer (also long vamped) 37
    Brixton 37.5
    Jordaan 37.5 ( I could wear the 38 I think)
    Marmont low heeled pump 38 (it has a shortish, slightly narrow toe but SUPER comfortable)

    IT 38 is my usual size in closed toe shoes.

    Hope this helps someone :smile:
  11. Just wanted to say I love everyone's loafers! I want a pair of Brixtons but they're not available on the Cdn Gucci website. :sad: So now I'm hoping to get the furless Princetowns.
  12. Okay, I'm obsessed with the Princetowns. But does anyone find them a bit wider than other Gucci loafers? The longer vamp doesn't bother me but they felt wider than my fringed and frame loafers. I did go up 1/2 a size for length though, so maybe that's why. If I wore my usual size, my heel would've been hanging off the back. And my SA said her other clients were going up a 1/2 size or so.

    I tried a pair that was on hold for another customer so I had to be careful not to crease them by testing in my usual brisk gait. But even while walking slowly and gingerly, I felt like I could've slipped out of them.

    They're beautiful and so on trend (and practically sold out in my city!), but I don't know if they'll fit well. I wonder if I can stick on some Foot Petals and/or wear a foot tube sock to make them work.
  13. I ordered a pair last week that should be with me tomorrow, until then I can only say that's it possible that they are cut wide.
    I tried on my sling backs yesterday (same shape as Princetowns) and they're the best fitting of all my Gucci loafers. It's not the sling back that keeps them secure on my foot, it's the snug and comfortable fit of the leather on my forefoot. My feet are wider than average and I half sized down because they were the only pair left and ended up with the perfect fit for appearance (the heel is just right) and comfort.

    Did you get an opportunity to try them in your usual size or just the half size up? Just thinking that your usual size may still be right for length and more snug.
  14. No, I didn't try my usual size because they were sold out. This morning I asked my SA to compare the length of the two sizes but even the larger was sold last night, so she had nothing to compare. Now, she is ordering a whole size larger for me as that's the closest size left in the company I doubt they will work alhough it doesn't hurt to try. Actually, I'm brainstorming ways to make them work, how crazy is that!

    But another Gucci stockist is expecting a new shipment of shoes and hopefully Princetowns are included, so I'm in touch with an SA there. Sigh, why didn't I notice these beauties sooner???

    Our Gucci boutique doesn't carry them at all. They have only the fur ones or the Tians.

    Anyway, I'm excited for you and a tad envious of your latest additions to your Gucci loafer collection!! :smile:
  15. Good luck with the other stockist! Can't stand a shoe frenzy :sad:

    I'm trying the Tians for size and most likely will be returning them. For some reason I'm fixated on the gold leather Princetowns (I never wear gold shoes!) but I can't find them anywhere... I figure that between the leather sling backs and the Tians I should know my size if the gold ones turn up. And hopefully my gold shoe lust will dissipate in the meantime :lol:
    Is your Gucci site helpful? Gucci Australia bring in specific items from stores around Australia if there's something in store that's not on the website and they'll also import if pre-payment is made. Hoping that's another option for you.