Gucci Princetown Mules (with and without fur) -does anyone have?

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  1. you're welcome dooneybaby
  2. Hey guys! I have found these Gucci Princetown Python and Fur Mule shoe. I don't know, if I should keep them or not. I am trying to find out, as much as possible about the maintenance of the Python Leather. I even spoke to my Leather Specialist for my shoes and everyone says - python leather is high maintenance and I am reading all of you guys reviews about the fur too. I like them a lot. They look very natural and not too dyed. Should I keep them or not? I just want to wear my shoes without thinking too much about the upkeep. But these are so different! I haven't seen the Gucci Princetown in Python. Can anyone share their opinion, if they have other brand shoes with the python leather?
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  3. any real exotic skin is somewhat high maintenance... the skins dry and with much bending, eventually crack or has this really noticeable line... it might not happen with the Princetown in Python... or it may... if you love them... then love them through it all.
  4. Thank you Jim! I am still debating! I am very good at maintaining my shoes and clothes. I still have clothes from 10 years ago: Chanel, Gucci and bags and shoes from 10 years ago LV, Chanel, YSL, Gucci, Prada and etc. and they all look like brand new. However, I have one Python Leather Belt from the Un-known brand and it doesn't look that great. I need to think about it. I just don't want to be like everyone else and wear the same leather type of the Gucci Princetown Mules. The other day, I saw about 6 people wearing different color of the Gucci Princetown Fur Mules. First of all, it took me sometime to get them. When I saw so many people wearing them - I thought to myself, if I want to look like everyone else. The python ones are different! Sigh....
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  5. You're welcome Art_Sasha. Also snake skin peels after a while...that can be treated. I hear ya... I don't EVER want to see myself on anyone else, and I get it... so the python is a great choice. You take care of your items so you should be just fine. And now, I see so many other brands knocking off the Princetown fur slipper using the horse bit, so the 'True' Gucci slipper seems too attainable and generic... so go bold, step lively and get the shoe you love we will love you for it... just post so we can all drool over the python and fur. lol... just don't wear it with the generic python belt that doesn't that great, until you can repair it or replace it. And be yourself... everyone else is already taken.
  6. Thank you! Love your response!!!! I need to post the pictures! Honestly- I never go wrong with Christian Louboutin’s... but Gucci was first in creating these mules with fur that I never thought I would wear! Honestly- I think I am just a follower, when it comes to fashion! Lol
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  7. Gucci was the first... and when I saw em… I had to have em. Been rocking them for a few years now, and they still get rave reviews... the Princetown loafers with fur Double G. I am thinking about getting the brown velvet slippers with fur, but they only have them for women, so I am going to have to get a few sizes up... they are really unisex, but no men sizes. My Double G's are still the hottest pair I own, and I am only gonna get another that is equal or better in style. The velvet is a close runner-up. You are not a follower... you just have good taste and style. So get the python with the fur... you will be the first and everyone will try to follow you.
  8. Hi guys! I just ordered a pair of the star and bees with fur, but I'm a bit worried about the fur. Does anyone have any experience with the fur falling out or ripping off?

    also, any advice on fur maintenance would be awesome!
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  9. I don’t really do anything to maintain the fur and have not lost any either.
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  10. same here... no fur loss
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  11. I haven't had mine very long, just a few weeks but I haven't noticed any hair loss. Nor does it look like there's any crud being picked up in the hair (though I try to be mindful when wearing them). Would be interested if there are any care tips I have missed out on!
  12. I learned a trick on how to fluff up fur from a Mackage SA. Basically, you just have to comb it and then blow-dry it a little. I've only done it on the fur trims of my winter coat. I wonder if it would help with the fur on the shoes.
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  13. Thanks for this! Maybe I'll shampoo and condition it too :biggrin:
  14. Hello everyone !
    I just got my pairs with fur few days ago, and I found the soles are so easy to be scratched especially the toe side.
    I only wear them once for a day and they are like this. ( pics)

    Did anyone do the resoled for your pairs? Or put on a new sole before you use them?

    Are there any tips to maintain the Princetown mules?

    Thank you so much !

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  15. That’s normal wear. I have not resoled any of mine.
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