Gucci Princetown Mules (with and without fur) -does anyone have?

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  1. That’s normal. Nothing I think warrants them being resoled.
  2. Nah... I just rock em out like that.
  3. Then I think I don’t have to worry about the sole! Thank you guys !!
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  4. Great... you'll see... it's perfect as they are...
  5. Promo code shop20 is giving 20% off everything on barneys website including gucci!
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  6. Debating between the red and black—any thoughts?
  7. Both are great choices-red is a great neutral with grey, black, navy etc. and black is just always a good choice!!
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  8. I only have the reds but obviously black is more versatile. The red is beautiful though. Here’s me wearing mine today IMG_4428.jpg
  9. Thank you!
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  10. Great picture! Thank you! This helps so much! The red looks super! Very classic!
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  11. Do you find your fur pair versatile? I always play it too safe with fashion, and I’m quite classic, but I am thinking of getting the fur vs another plain Princetown. Thanks!
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  12. Step out and get the fur pair... they are amazing. I have the Princetown Double G with green and red webbing in black leather with the fur and they are out of this world beautifully interesting and ungodly comfortable. Very stylish and cool. Planning on getting the same in brown leather and possibly the velvet ones too... you can wear them mostly all year round and with everything, except for snow and rain. With socks or without. I am a man, and was a little intimidated by them but couldn't stop looking at them every time I shopped at Gucci. I tried them on and the rest is history. Live a little... or live a lot... you can actually live in these Gucci slippers with the fur. The attention you'll get might suit you or not, but if it brings you a little joy... it's so worth it... YOU are worth it. You may possibly love them more than any shoe you ever owned. You will grow to love them more than you could imagine. Remember, if you are not growing... you're dying. lol.
  13. The sole is leather so of course it is going to mark, more or less depending on the type pavement you walk. I resole mine only when the damage becomes too much . In your case, they seem to be wearing more at the tip of the toe, probably because of the way you walk, and getting dangerously close to the leather top. So I would resole earlier rather than later, to preempt damage to the actual shoe.
  14. I have the black with fur and wear them a lot. I actually have a very narrow foot so only the fur ones work for me
  15. I do find them versatile! They are so cozy too.