Gucci Belt thread

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  1. I have 9 Gucci belts but there's always room for one more :P
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  2. agreed... I have 7 and I am eyeing a light blue one to wear with faded jeans, white jeans and black jeans... this is after saying "I will not ever buy another one... I have 7 already !" Oddly enough... I wear the black one 90 percent of the time with my Belt Accessory (removable pouch) it "J!m"
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  3. Hi! I'm new here so excuse me if I'm a bit clueless on many things, but anyway..

    I'm very attracted to the "Leather Belt with G Buckle" by Gucci because of how lowkey it is. Sadly, I don't see a lot of people who own it or even when worn photos!

    Does anyone here own it? Or own a gucci belt in general? How log do they last before they crease up? images (78).jpeg